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Photo credit: David Briggs
Arctic safari. Photo credit: David Briggs

Summer is the best time to head north — way north. Our country’s Arctic region makes up more than 40 percent of its landmass, and anyone who hasn’t traveled to “The North” is missing out. The Arctic is a land of nonstop adventure, offering everything from scuba diving locations swarming with marine life to boat trips among whales and polar bears and safaris amidst some of the world’s most impressive stretches of untouched wilderness.

Arctic Kingdom is Canada’s leading Arctic travel and Arctic services organization. They are passionate about the Arctic and the people who call it home. As the pioneers of Arctic travel, the company works with a number of partners in the community to create the best Arctic travel and wildlife experiences available. The staff of experienced polar logistics experts ensure that your visit to the arctic is safe, worry-free and absolutely unforgettable.

What Can I Experience with Arctic Kingdom?

Photo credit: Michelle Valberg
Polar Bear mother and cubs. Photo credit: Michelle Valberg

Arctic Kingdom offers an array of Arctic adventures for all types of travelers. Unique wildlife such as whales, walrus and polar bears can be seen on a number of Arctic safaris and custom journeys. The company also offers unique weekend getaways, including opportunities to see the Northern Lights (from the end of August to April), that allow travelers to experience the Arctic in a shorter time period. Just a three-hour flight from Ottawa to Iqaluit, the Canadian Arctic is now easier to reach than ever.

Why Should I Explore with Arctic Kingdom?

The Arctic probably isn’t a place you visit often, so it’s important to make your visit one that you’ll remember forever. Arctic Kingdom allows you to experience the real Arctic, its wildlife and its people in a completely authentic way. Working with local Inuit guides, the company gives travelers an opportunity to venture into a part of the world that few ever experience, and they make that opportunity a safe, comfortable and memorable one every time.

Who Should Go on Arctic Kingdom Adventures?

Photo credit: Eric Baccega
Narwhals in summer. Photo credit: Eric Baccega

Arctic Kingdom offers adventures for anyone looking to have the time of their life in the far north. In addition to safaris and getaways, the company offers custom tailored trips for families, solo travelers, avid backpackers, divers, photographers, filmmakers, scientists and anyone who wants to experience the Arctic in the most authentic way possible.

How to Contact Arctic Kingdom?

Photo credit: Mike Beauregard
Photo credit: Mike Beauregard

Arctic Kingdom will help you plan your Arctic experience from start to finish. You can find them online at ArcticKingdom.com.

Arctic Kingdom can also be contacted from locations throughout Canada and the United States at (888) 737-6818 and from international locations at +1 (416) 322-7066.

Emails sent to adventures@arctickingdom.com are met with replies as quickly as possible.


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