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Photo credit: Richard Fisher
Photo credit: Richard Fisher

Eagle Wing Tours has been rated the No. 1 boat tour experience in Victoria on Trip Advisor since 2007. You’re bound to have a memorable experience when you’re admiring some of the world’s most majestic creatures from the comfort of a premium boat with 360-degree views of the Pacific Ocean. However, not all whale and wildlife viewing tours are the same, and Eagle Wing Tours is one of the few companies in Victoria that is taking whale watching to the next level.

In fact, environmental stewardship is one of the core values at Eagle Wing, so when you venture out on an unforgettable whale watching tour, you know you’re supporting a company that actively protects Canada’s marine systems. Eagle Wing Tours is Canada’s first 100-percent carbon-neutral whale watching company and a member of 1% for the Planet, so you can feel good about spending your money on sustainable ecotourism.

What Can I Experience on an Eagle Wing Tours Adventure?

Photo credit: Ivan Wong Rodenas Follow
Photo credit: Ivan Wong Rodenas

All Eagle Wing Tours wildlife and whale watching tours take you into the wild to experience the creatures of the Pacific in their natural habitats. Spring wildlife tours give attendees an opportunity to see and snap photos of a wide selection of birds, sea lions, seals, porpoises and more.

Travelers aboard the wildlife tour boats are often fortunate enough to see gray whales, Bigg’s killer whales, humpback whales, Southern Resident Killer Whales and minke whales. Whale sightings aren’t guaranteed, but there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy your experience in the fresh Pacific air on a thrilling boat ride.

Whale watching day tours run from May 16 to Oct. 31, and whale watching sunset tours extend from June 1 to Aug. 31. Summer is the prime time of year to take part in an at least 3.5-hour-long whale watching tour. Eagle Wing Tours offers the longest whale watching tours in Victoria, and sightings are 100-percent guaranteed. Visitors can choose to take their tours on premium open or covered boats.

Why Should I Go on an Eagle Wing Tour?

Photo credit: Steve Spezz
Photo credit: Steve Spezz

Eagle Wing Tours excursions offer Victoria visitors and residents a chance to connect with nature in a sustainable way. These tours always offer the “wow” factor you’re seeking on luxurious vacation — a comfortable, awe-inspiring trip through waters that some of the world’s most majestic creatures call home. Eagle Wing Tours has a 98-percent success rate when it comes to spotting whales on their esteemed whale watching tours, and the company’s goal is to exceed your expectations on every adventure.

Who Should Go on Eagle Wing Tours Adventures?

Photo credit: flightlog
Photo credit: flightlog

Eagle Wing Tours adventures are for passengers of all ages. Each tour includes onboard wildlife identification kits, binoculars, an onboard naturalist/biologist, and a hydrophone, so you can enjoy the thrill of hearing the whales as well as seeing them.

Each vessel is outfitted with blankets, sunscreen and an onboard washroom, so you’ll never have to worry about discomfort when out on the sea.

Where Can I Find Eagle Wing Tours?

Photo credit: Ian D. Keating
Photo credit: Ian D. Keating

Eagle Wing Tours is a locally-owned and family-operated ecotourism company based in Victoria, British Columbia. You can contact the company through their website EagleWingTours.com, over the phone at (250) 384-8008 or in person at 12 Erie St. (Fisherman’s Wharf) in Victoria.

The rates for whale and wildlife watching tours vary from season to season. Log onto the company’s website to see which tours they’re offering right now and to book your upcoming excursion.

What are you waiting for? Whale watching season is already underway!


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