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Halifax offers so much, it’s hard to choose where to go and what to do! But don’t worry, these tours are designed for you! Take the stress out of your vacation and let a local guide you around a bit instead. Read on to find some of the best tours you can get in Halifax, including food tours, vineyard tours, kayaking tours, and even an “all-access” pass to the best attractions in the city – and a map to help you get there! We all know rule #1 of traveling is when a local recommends you try/go/see/experience something or somewhere in particular, you do it! Let’s go through my recommendations below.


Great E.A.R.T.H Expeditions


Great E.A.R.T.H Expeditions Picture Credits: Great E.A.R.T.H Expeditions


Get your hiking boots and let’s go explore! Great Earth Expeditions is a great way to explore the great outdoors and see some of the natural beauty that surrounds Halifax. Great Earth has highly knowledgeable and trained guides that take you to see breathtaking views in a safe and informative way. They also know all about the history of the areas they tour in so you’ll leave with more than just pretty pictures to share! Their work has also been recognized by several international organizations like TripAdvisor, Expedia, and more as one of the top eco-experiences to have in Canada. As beautiful as Halifax is, I highly recommend seeing some of the natural beauty of Canada with Great Earth Expeditions as well.



Benjamin Bridge


Picture Credits: Benjamin Bridge


Boasting an impressive 40+ acres of vineyard, this place has something everyone loves – wine! Scott Savoy, viticulturist at Benjamin Bridge uses only certified organic growing practices ensuring the highest quality wine. You can learn more about their practices and fascinating history on a vineyard tour (book online in advance) too. I highly recommend it to get the full picture of vineyard to glass which seems to make the experience that much better. Holding the honor of being Canada’s most acclaimed sparkling wine house, Benjamin Bridge is a must for wine lovers both local and visiting. Raise your glass with a group of friends or with a special someone in this gorgeous locale during your stay in Halifax. You won’t be disappointed! 



Local Tasting Tours


Local Tasting Tours Picture Credits: Local Tasting Tours


Is there a better way to experience a new city than through its food? If you’re looking to do just that, Local Tasting Tours is the way to do it. Jump on one of their 5 expertly guided tours and start eating your way through Halifax! You visit 6-7 stops on a typical tour and get to spend roughly half an hour at each place sampling the signature delicacy. Just be sure to book your tour in advance to make sure there’s room for everyone in your group. Tours run Sunday-Tuesday, from May through October, so there’s plenty of time to check out the best of Halifax! And maybe you’ll even make some new friends along the way!



Kattuk Expeditions


Kattuk Expeditions Picture Credits: Kattuk Expeditions


Looking to get out of the city for a bit and explore some of the area’s natural beauty? Let Kattuk Expeditions help you out! What’s better than letting locals take you out on a tour of their favorite spots, you ask? Getting to do it in a kayak of course! With a complimentary pick up shuttle from the downtown area, they really do take care of everything for you too. They offer many different types of tours available so you can choose your own adventure and book in advance! Their website holds a ton of great information (and some amazing photos) for you to check out before you book too. And for those who prefer the land to the sea there’s also biking and hiking tours for you to enjoy.



Go North Tours


Go North Tours Picture Credits: Go North Tours


Opening in 2009, owner Laila North has been taking guests on a unique type of tour in Nova Scotia… wine tours! Currently in their 11th season, Go North Tours is a really fun way to spend the day seeing the coasts and vineyards of Nova Scotia. Laila’s tours are very well organized and comfortable so you can focus on enjoying what matters most – the wine!

Go North Tours does all the driving in a comfortable (and air-conditioned) van so there’s no worries about getting from place to place either. They offer several different types of tours so you can choose what you want to sample and explore the most. And don’t forget to enjoy the food! Their most popular tour includes a two-course gourmet meal, which is expertly paired with a glass of wine for the peak experience. With a maximum of 8 people per tour, it’s a great way to make some great friends and sip your way through the day.



Picture Perfect Tours


pictureperfecttours Picture Credits: Picture Perfect Tours


One of the natural wonders about this area are the rugged coastlines which feature gorgeous views of both the sea and the land. Want to get out of Halifax to do some exploring? Picture Perfect Tours is a great way to do it. You don’t have to take my word for it either, they’re even rated #1 in Halifax and Nova Scotia!

For me, nothing says Atlantic Canada more than the lighthouses they’re so famous for. If you agree I’d recommend their Peggy’s Cove Morning Light tour to get the best experience (and photos) possible. This tour is worth the early morning start with it’s incredible views of the sunrise and morning life in a fishing village. Not to mention the lack of crowds for those Instagram-worthy shots you can’t get anywhere else. Grab your camera and a coffee and enjoy a morning exploring Nova Scotia in a different kind of way!



HFX Bucket List Pass


HFX Bucket List Pass Picture Credits: HFX Bucket List Pass


It’d be nice if you had a local that would help you plan the best spots to see, wouldn’t it? And what about helping you find a discount on admission to all these cool things too?

Well my friend, let me introduce you to the HFX Bucket List Pass. It’s a single pass/barcode that you can use to enter 11 different attractions around Halifax. This includes hot spots like the Maritime Museum, the Museum of Natural History, boat cruises, art galleries, and a lot more. And the best part is that you can get up to a 60% discount on activities you were planning on doing anyway! The passes are set up in time increments of 24, 48, and 72 hours. This means you can purchase just as much time as you need for your specific trip. Be sure to check their site for a full list of what’s included and a map of where you can use your pass!




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