Long Beach

You won’t forget the moment you first walk out onto this never-ending stretch of wilderness. Long Beach didn’t get its name for nothing; it’s a whopping 10-mile strip of protected coastline set against pristine emerald rainforest and snow-capped rocky mountains. Long Beach sits in the most northern part of the Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island — a 34,800-acre beach-lined temperate rain forest, and a protected area of the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. You’ll need a couple of days here to explore the tide pools, hike the many rainforest routes, and take a surf lesson in one of the most chilled-out places on the planet.

Getting There

Travel into Canada from Europe, Asia and other continent is quite convenient and accessible. You can also fly with some major airlines which includes Air Canada and Westjet. Long Beach is located on Vancouver Island with the closest airport being Tofino or Long Beach airport. You can also access a myriad of flight options into Vancouver International Airport from Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg. Also find cheap flight deals from some major Canadian destination such as  Halifax, Montreal and Ottawa. Your options from these airports are similar: rent a car to drive your way to the beach or access public or private transport.  Long Beach is the only one of the national park’s three sections that can be explored by car which makes it convenient for those who want to drive themselves from the airport or hotel.