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Detroit might not be one of the most known US cities, and maybe not be one you have considered exploring on a holiday, but this awesome town is having a comeback! Almost reinventing itself, Detroit has become a place you should absolutely write on your list of US cities you have to visit. Markets, murals, art, distilleries, cool attractions and lots of new inventive food are just some of the reasons to why you must visit Detroit this year.

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There are endless things to do in Detroit, and it is with good reason everyone is calling it “America’s Comeback City”. And is it ever a glorious comeback! You will find great art and culture, fun unique shopping and so many great new restaurants and cafes. No doubt that this city will keep you busy for 72 hours. But thankfully we have lined up the best of the best for you in this guide to Detroit!

Day 1


Photo credit: The Inn on Ferry Street

Time to start exploring Detroit. But first things first, let’s drop off the bags at your hotel before starting to venture around the city. For your stay make sure you book a room at the lovely The Inn on Ferry Street. This beautiful accommodation consists of four restored Victorian mansions and two carriage houses. In total, you will find 40 uniquely decorated guest rooms. This is such a lovely place to stay where you feel old history and charm but still have all the benefits of a big hotel. So drop the bags and let’s get going!

Photo credit: Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters

A great way to ensure you are completely ready to walk around town and soak up all the Detroit charm is with a little caffeine boost. So to start find your way to Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters. They serve some great coffee in a chill, aesthetic ambiance. You can enjoy a great espresso drink with some cool latte art, pour-over coffee and even a piece of delightful cheese cake. What’s not to love?

Time for some art. We did say Detroit had some cool art, right? Well, it’s time to see it. Begin at Artcite. This is an Artist-Run centre meaning it operates differently than a traditional art gallery. It is the members who have a bigger part in the organization. The gallery is 1100 square feet, and they normally show one exhibition at a time. You don’t have to pay to see the awesome art here, but donations are gratefully accepted. After Artcite another couple cool places to check out are Galerie Camille and 333 Midland. Galerie Camille is a fine art gallery which curates Vintage and Contemporary Art, whereas 333 Midland is a historic factory offering extensive space to artists and sculptures to show large scale works. These places are definitely worth checking out!


Photo credit: MoGo Detroit

Now how about some physical activity while exploring the city? MoGo allows you to do just that. On two wheels you can ride around Detroit at your own pace going wherever you want. This is a rental bike company where you can get a daily pass ideal for visitors and tourists. You just have to find one of their many stations around town, as signing up is a breeze. Use your pass to get the bike, explore in the fresh air and then return the bike to another station close to where you want to end up. There are 43 stations around the city. It really doesn’t get much easier to see the city!


Photo credit: Detroit City Distillery

We’ve got a great one lined up for you next: Detroit City Distillery. Here you can taste or join a tour to try the fantastic small batch artisanal whisky, gin and vodka. They only use the finest local ingredients sourced directly from farms located close to the distillery. Their tasting room is located at the Eatern Market. This is a great piece of Detroit that you absolutely must taste. If you join a tour they will tell you all about the art and science of how to distill from grain to glass.

Photo credit: Slows Bar BQ

Dinner time! And we’ve got another fantastic Detroit classic for you, Slows Bar BQ! You have two options of where to head to try this great food, either head to their restaurant in Corktown or find Slows To Go. The restaurant in Corktown is known for delicious BBQ which can be enjoyed alongside great bourbon and an awesome craft beer selection. Slows To Go handles more carryout and catering, but in a great spot close to the NFL stadium. Regardless of which one you find your way to, prepare yourself for a delicious meal!

Day 2



Photo credit: Dime Store, photo by Yana Benjamin

Want a yummy start to your second day? If yes, then this next place is perfect! Dime Store in Downtown Detroit is where you will begin the fun today. Whether you’re up early for breakfast, or you’re more of a brunch person, this spot is amazing! Dime Store serves up some made-from-scratch brunch dishes to die for! You can find your favourite traditional brunch dishes or some with a little creative twist. If you didn’t feel good already, this is a sure way to feel fantastic and ready to begin another beautiful day in Detroit!

Photo credit: Fisher Building

After this delicious start to your day it’s time for more sightseeing and culture in Detroit. Next up you’re going to visit The Fisher Building. This building was built in 1928 and is now called “A Beacon for Detroit”. The building hosts many events and functions, but you can also join a Fisher Building Tour so you can see the iconic Detroit landmark with its spectacular historic architecture. Other than seeing it on a tour the building also houses the Fisher Theatre and many shops and businesses.


Photo credit: Eastern Market

Next you’re doing something else really cool: The Eastern Market! This market is absolutely something you have to see and experience in Detroit! It is one of the oldest and largest year-around markets in America. Their slogan is to make a: Healthier, Wealthier and Happier Detroit. And for you the visitor to Detroit it is an opportunity to experience another city gem. Make sure to check their calendar and find out if there is any special happenings or events taking place while you’re visiting!

Photo credit: The Whitney

The Whitney is your next stop. This is another landmark in Detroit, where there are many different experiences to be had. The Whitney has a fine dining restaurant, The Katherine McGregor Dessert Parlor, The Ghostbar and Gardens. You can enjoy a nice Afternoon Tea here or join a Paranormal Dinner Tour. Each of these places at The Whitney has its own unique appeal depending on what guests are looking for and sometimes people simply find themselves wandering, spending hours frolicking in the enchantments of the estate.



Photo credit: La Feria Spanish Tapas

Want to take a little trip to Spain with us? Sí, vamos? Find your way to La Feria! This is the only Spanish restaurant in the entire state of Michigan serving Authentic traditional Spanish tapas. And trust us, they are sooo good! Whether you are an omnivore, pescatarian or vegetarian you will find tapas perfect for you! The head chef is a native of Spain, and the menu is based on recipes from her mom and grandma. So we mean it when we say authentic Spanish tapas! And you can enjoy these tapas while sipping on some real Spanish wine.

Photo credit: Detroit Opera House

To end this magical second day in Detroit you will enjoy a spectacular evening at the Detroit Opera House. Head to this beautiful venue to see a variety of performances including the Michigan Opera Theatre operas as well as dance performances from world-renowned dance companies like American Ballet Theatre. You can also catch blockbuster broadway musicals including the Wicked, The Lion King and Phantom of The Opera. Make sure to check the schedule for your visit, and even if you do not catch a show, it is worth a visit for a requested tour to see the beautiful building.

Day 3



Photo credit: Parks and Rec Diner

Breakfast time, and there is another tasty place waiting for you. Start the morning at Park and Rec diner. This is a super cozy diner with solid breakfast classics and some innovative old-school favourites. Everything you eat here is proudly sourced locally, and they make pretty much everything in-house. This means that you get tasty, fresh ingredients and love put into each dish served. This is an ideal place to chill while enjoying a delightful breakfast to start your final day of venturing around Detroit.

Photo credit: The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative

We are staying with the theme “sourced locally”, and that’s why you are heading to The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative. This is an all-volunteer non-profit organization, and their mission is to engage members of the community in sustainable agriculture. They use urban agriculture as a platform to promote education, sustainability and community. Right now they are focused on the redevelopment of their 3-acre campus, located in Detroit’s North End neighborhood. They have volunteer days, so check the calendar on their website, so you can do something great and meaningful on your trip to Detroit.


Photo credit: 2941 Street Food

After the good work you’ve done this morning you deserve a another delicious meal. To treat yourself head to 2941 Street Food. Here you will find honest, wholesome, fast, affordable and nurturing food. At 2941 Street Food you can enjoy street food from nine different countries prepared fresh each day and always served with passion, integrity and love. This is a really cool spot in Detroit! So head here to taste some yummy street food and relax in a great atmosphere.

Photo credit: Atwater Brewery

Time to now treat yourself to a refreshing ice-cold beer. And there is no better place to do that than at Atwater Brewery. This is a brewery with a long history and passion for beer, and you will find a great selection of beer. Some of the types of beer that you can enjoy here are traditional German style lagers, along with unique boutique ales. So after the good eventful day you’ve had it is very well deserved to head here for a pint or two. You can head to their Detroit Tap House for Happy Hour or join a Public Brewery Tour.


Photo credit: Detroit Princess Riverboat

It’s your last night in Detroit, and you’re doing something really unique and amazing to celebrate this last evening. You will be joining the Detroit Princess for their Motown Dinner Cruise. And don’t worry if you’re traveling with kids, they’re welcome too! The Princess Detroit has a 14 year history in Detroit, and all the staff are locals who love their city, making it a true Detroit experience. The views from the cruise are amazing, and even though the venue is large you still get the feel of a Mom & Pop restaurant! This will be a highlight on your trip!

Photo credit: Cliff Bell’s

Don’t worry, this evening ain’t over yet! One more stop before bedtime. Because you cannot miss out on stopping by Cliff Bell’s Jazz and Blues Club in Detroit. This is where you can enjoy some live jazz in the heart of downtown Detroit while sipping on some delicious cocktails. If you’re still hungry they have an award winning cuisine too. So don’t hesitate, just go!

Photo credit: The Botticelli Club

Now that you’ve enjoyed an evening on a boat on the river and ended with some live music it’s time to rest the head and body. And may we suggest this very last evening you book a night at The Botticelli Club. This is luxury vacation apartments, and you can enjoy all the benefits you normally wouldn’t have in a hotel room like a full kitchen, living room and so much comfort! This will be the perfect place to ensure you get the rest you need before leaving Detroit.


Your 72 hours in Detroit have come to an end. We are positive that you’ve realized why this city is called America’s Comeback City! It has surely made a huge and everlasting impression on you, and you will be excited to tell your friends and family that this city is one of the coolest spots to visit this year!


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