7 Marvelous Activities to do in Malaga


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Malaga is a wonderful city in Spain with unlimited things to do. You can see Moorish citadels, spend time on the beach, walk the streets, and explore the markets. The list is truly endless. So how do you narrow it down? Let us help you! Here is a list of 7 marvelous activities you can do in this magical city.



1. Spain Food Sherpas Tour


Picture Credits: Spain Food Sherpas Tour


We love walking tours. And we love food tours. So we really love Spain Food Sherpas Tour here in Malaga, which allows you to see all the historic sites of the city while you eat delicious local foods. In addition to trying the local dishes, you get to sample local wines as well. Tapas, being an important part of Spanish cuisine culture, are the best way to get to know the city so be sure to take their Taste of Malaga Tapas Tour. Here, you get to restaurant hop through Malaga’s old town while you talk and trade stories with chefs, local artisans, and grocers who give you a taste of their creations. They have all different types of food tours at Spain Food Sherpas Tour and even some private food tours, as well. So book the one that works for you and bring some comfy shoes and your appetite!



2. Recyclo Bike Café


Picture Credits: Recyclo Bike Café


If you’re looking for a cool way to see the city, pop into Recyclo Bike Cafe. You can rent a bike for the entire day for only €10. This will include your choice of a lightweight racing, mountain, urban, hybrid, or even a tandem bike. The offer includes helmets and locks, so you don’t need to worry about safety or leaving your bike outside while you see some of the amazing sites around Malaga. When you go to return your bike, sit down in the Bikecafe and satisfy your appetite with some croquetas or a fresh salad. Refresh yourself with a limonada or any other fresh juice. And be sure to treat yourself to some of their delicious homemade cake and cocktail because you deserve it for exercising on vacation!



3. Parapark Málaga Escape Room


Picture Credits: Parapark Málaga Escape Room


Parapark Malaga Escape Room is perfect for a rainy day, or really any time of day. The concept is pretty straightforward: You have one hour to escape the room with a group of 2-7 people. Parapark has a variety of themed rooms to choose from like Mafia, Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, and 4th Element. It’s so much fun to do this activity with your friends and family. And it really does bring your group together because some of the clues are not easy. But when you escape the room, you’ll feel so accomplished. And if you don’t, you’ll probably be looking at your group to give it another go so you can say you did escape.



4. Museo Interactivo de la Música Málaga


Picture Credits: Museo Interactivo de la Música Málaga


Museums are fun, but sometimes they can be a little dull. However, if you go to Museo Interactivo de la Música Málaga, you definitely won’t be bored. The primary focus of this museum is to put the museum go-er (you) in the midst of their exhibitions. They’re big on providing a hands-on experience in their “Se Ruega Tocar” room, which means you get to try out all of the instruments there. And they have all sorts of instruments from all over the world and all different time periods. In addition to making some original music, you get to see some amazing exhibits about music and its influence on the world historically, regionally, and so on. So tap into your wannabe musician-self and jam out at Museo Interactivo de la Música Málaga!



5. La Casa de las Habitaciones Malaga


Picture Credits: La Casa de las Habitaciones Malaga


La Casa de las Habitaciones Malaga is the biggest escape room in the city. They feature 5 different themed rooms and are located right near the city’s historic center, so it’s a good activity to do if you need to kill time before a tour or a meal. Their Hostage room is a really interesting one to do as the setting puts you in the Middle Ages which is perfect when you think about the history of this lovely city you’re in. All of the rooms have really unique scenarios and puzzles. And the staff is so friendly. You’ll be happy you stopped in!





Picture Credits: KELIPÉ


You can’t visit Spain without seeing a flamenco show and experiencing this traditional Spanish dance first hand. Considered the first Centre of Flamenco Arts, you know you’ll get a truly authentic experience when you come to KELIPÉ. Book tickets for their Flamenco De Ley show and be taken through the expressive history of gipsy dance and song. Sip on your complimentary drink as the lights dim and the performers take the stage. The singers, dancers, and players evoke such raw emotion as they perform different styles of flamenco to honor the artform of this dance. This will be an experience you will truly never forget.





Picture Credits: D20 ESCAPE GAME


So D20 ESCAPE GAME is also located right near the historic center of the city. And the premise is similar to other escape rooms. However, it is different because they offer four different rooms with very different themes. Their Record Ajna game puts you in a futuristic lab scenario where a doctor is performing dangerous experiments on the participants of a lab. This room allows groups of 2-5. But if you have larger groups, D20 can accommodate with their Special Operation D20 room which allows 10-30 participants organized into teams of five or six and involves trying to deactivate an exploding device. D20 sets you up with original, futuristic storylines while encouraging you to rise up and be the hero you know you’ve always wanted to be.




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