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By Carrie Willbanks

Mophie makes travel easier with external batteries that keep your phone charged so you can focus on rocking your adventures! This pack increases battery life on your phone with the switch of a button so you don’t have to sit around and wait for your phone to charge while adventure is on the agenda.

The pack also acts as a case to protect your phone without adding extra bulkiness. It’s easy to tell how much charge a device by checking the four-light indicator on the back of the case.

Extra Juice for Smartphones

Juice Pack Plus

There are packs for the iPhone 4, 4s, and iPhone 5. The Juice Pack Plus ($129.95 for iPhone5 and $99.95 for 4 and 4s) adds up to 8 hours of extra talk time, 7 hours of Internet use on 3G, or 11 hours of Internet use on Wi-Fi. To double battery life, choose the Juice Pack Air. ($99.95 for iPhone5, $79.95 for iPhone 4 and 4s). The lightest weight version, the Juice Pack Helium (79.95) is only available for the iPhone 5 and increases battery life 80 percent. Mopie has also just released the Juice Pack for Samsung Galaxy S III (99.95) which doubles battery life.

A downside to the external batteries is the port on the headphone jack is extra deep, so it is nearly impossible to plug in your headphones without a special extender.

Extra Juice for Other Devices

Juice Pack Powerstation

To charge other devices, including iPads, iTouch, iPhone, and Kindles, the Juice Pack Powersation ($79.95) has you covered. For a compatibility chart for other phones including Nokia, Sony, and Blackberries click here. This powerful 4000 mAh external battery charges up USB-enabled devices to keep you connected as you hop from site to site. Plus, it’s lightweight and the size can be compared to an iPhone, so it packs easily.

For a quick charge on the go, this is not the best option. It takes four of five hours to charge a device, which is only convenient if you are leaving it overnight or have some time to relax.

Enhanced IPhone Photos and Videos

OutRide_IP4S_3QTR_Front Check out the sturdy OutRide Case ($149.95) which fits easily over iPhones, to capture video of your travels with a wide angle lens.  This can be a go to for travelers who don’t want to carry around an extra camera. The compact case mounts to just about anything and the video quality is excellent. Plus, the video can easily be synced up for editing or instant sharing. But for those who are combining footage with other video shot on SD Cards, the footage isn’t consistent. Also, if your phone doesn’t have a lot of extra storage, you are going to have a hard time capturing longer adventures.

There are two types of cases. With the DryLand Case you can still use the screen on your phone. If you are heading for water activities, choose the WaterSports Case to keep your phone safe underwater up to 16 feet.

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