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While a basic massage and time in a quiet room is lovely, many spas are taking this experience to the next level by facilitating whole being expansion and rejuvenation through the incorporation of creative and effective treatments. These treatments offer a mix of shamanic rituals, the harmonizing properties of fire and ice, sound baths, energy work with jade stones, and so much more.

These innovative spas allow guests to not only experience supreme pampering, but in many cases, an otherworldly journey through bliss and mind-body-spirit healing. Because we all deserve more all-encompassing nourishment, go ahead and splurge on a trip to one, or all, of these heavenly spaces.

1. Amangiri – Canyon Point, Utah


The 25,000 square foot Amangiri spa, surrounded by the majestic moonscape of Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monument, has created a treatment menu aimed at honoring the healing traditions of the Navajo, which incorporate the elements of earth, wind, fire and water. Groundbreaking treatments include Flotation Therapy, which promotes quieting sensory stimulation, various “journeys” that help to expand consciousness and provide whole being soothing, a crystal sound bath, and other innovative options. To heighten these treatments, smudging is done before each. Smudging is the act of fanning the smoke of sage around one’s body to clear negative energy, and create fresh space for healing.

Intersperse your spa experiences with a ride in a hot-air balloon that rises with the sun, a kayak on the glassy waters of Lake Powell, or a tour through slot canyons and Monument Valley with a Navajo guide. In addition, you can end your days here with ultimate calm and connection by trying out candlelight restorative yoga, or full moon yoga.


2. The Spa at Silver Legacy – Reno, Nevada


With an overall theme of “fire and ice,” inspired by the heat of Reno’s high desert climate and the crisp waters and snow of nearby Tahoe, The Spa at Silver Legacy sets itself apart by offering one-of-a-kind treatments that go beyond physical nourishment, being sure to pamper the mind and spirit as well. Highlights of this experience include a salt inhalation room, Fiery Snow Massage, tea ceremonies, and a cardio room with Technogym cardio equipment that blends the outdoors with fitness, by way of virtual reality that simulates real life hiking, biking and running trails.

To create an aromatic environment that honors the local ecosystem, all oils, scrubs, candles, and body and hair treatments include botanical ingredients with indigenous scents of northern Nevada, which were selected with the assistance of experts from the University of Nevada, Reno. The Director of Spa and Wellness, George Powell-Lopez, beautifully describes the spa as, “A metaphysical odyssey, allowing the conscious mind to recognize eminent beauty while the subconscious mind encounters a new level of repose and bliss.” If you’re desiring more mindfulness, transcendence and relaxation, say yes to this enchanting spa.


3. Post Ranch Spa – Big Sur, California


Perched amongst the redwoods, the boutique Post Ranch Spa honors the magic of nature by offering treatments that utilize organic virgin coconut oil, local honey, and jade from a neighboring beach. And, those looking to take a deep dive into their spiritual and creative sides will be in for a treat with the shamanic healing sessions, fire ceremony, drum journey, and mandala-painting classes. Other unique therapies include energy balancing, craniosacral therapy, and vibrational resonance using Tibetan bowls.

With a focus on nurturing all five senses, this spa has put extensive thought into the quality of its aromas by incorporating Big Sur flower essences and certified organic or wild-crafted essential oils in their signature spa products. In between spa sessions, you can receive treatments from the ultimate therapist, Mother Earth, as you wander through the mesmerizing forest.


4. Miraval Resort & Spa – Tucson, Arizona


With mindfulness woven through every treatment, activity, and location at this life-changing resort, men and women looking to press that mind-body-spirit reset button will discover their happy place at Miraval. A dual intention of surrender and discovery is promoted here, which is made apparent in experiences like immersive beekeeping, a hot stone massage given with the soundtrack of rain and thunder, classes focused on intuitive living, creating a sacred space, holistic health, and horse painting. That’s right, horse painting.

Set on 400 acres of desert, this spa truly allows guests to feel as though they’ve stepped onto a new planet, which has the soul purpose of awakening their best and most vibrant self.


5. Tree Spa at Hidden Pond Resort – Kennebunkport, Maine


Few settings are as nostalgic and cozy as a tree house, which is exactly where you’ll find the treatment rooms at Tree Spa at Hidden Pond. The three rooms, all connected by a catwalk, exude rustic elegance and an inviting warmth that’s sure to enhance the treatments aimed at fostering health, energy, and wellness. Many of the oils and lotions used stay true to the land by including a mix of rosemary, mint, and lavender handpicked from the Hidden Pond’s gardens.

As you’re planning your voyage of relaxation in the birch forest the spa is nestled in, consider treatments such as the massage inspired by ancient Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese rituals using heated bamboo sticks that symbolize life energy, strength and longevity, the Anti-Aging Apple Stem Cell Facial, or aromatherapy massages that enhance sleep, breathing, mental clarity, and focus.


6. Mii amo – Sedona, Arizona


Nature is like a de facto spa technician at the otherworldly Mii Amo spa, which calls on the powers of the sun, sky, and ancient ground to rejuvenate the heart, mind, and soul of guests. Located amongst the Warrior Rock and Kachina Woman spires of Sedona, breathtaking displays of sculpture-esque red rock, speckled with vibrant greenery, make this spa a wonderland for spiritual exploration and expansion.

While a la carte spa services are offered, guests can fully immerse themselves in this nirvana by selecting one of the journey packages, such as the De-stress Mind, Body & Spirit, Healthy Body in Balance, Spiritual Exploration, Transformational Wisdom, and Soulful Essence. These packages include luxury accommodations, three daily meals, two spa services each day, and access to all spa amenities. Leading edge, yet ancient, treatments include Native American inspired therapies, an aura-soma reading, a Harmony treatment that calls on guided meditation, psychic reading and energy work that revels hidden gifts and restores harmony, and so much more. You’re almost guaranteed to leave this wellness Mecca as a deeply transformed and awakened individual.


7. The Feel Good Spa at the Ace Hotel – Palm Springs, California


A flower power, retro ambiance, mixed with pure, rich ingredients for treatments makes The Feel Good Spa a sumptuous oasis in the middle of the desert. Spiritual vibes wind through the offerings, allowing guests to not only melt away stress, and slough off external roughness, but ignite that inner glow.

To enhance the whole being nourishment of guests, the power of nature is intertwined with treatments through natural products like Manuka honey, cactus gelee, macadamia crème, aloe vera gel, and of course, crystals. Spiritually innovate treatments include the Good Vibrations energy work, which brings the physical, emotional, and spiritual being back in balance, the restorative Head Treatment, which can activate the third eye and crown chakra with a massage that includes heated rosemary-infused almond oil, and Reflexology, which breaks up crystallization and blocked energy in the body. If you’re needing a whole being makeover, The Feel Good Spa is for you.

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