New Italian Theme Park will be ‘Disneyland of Food’


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A new theme park scheduled to open in Italy next year will forego roller coasters, high tech 3D thrill rides, and costumed characters in favor of fine food, wine and the culinary arts. Developers of the new park are calling it the “Disneyland of food,” and are promising to woo visitors with a wide variety of restaurants, stores, and other attractions, all celebrating the universal love of eating.

The new theme park is called FICO Eataly World and it will be located in Bologna, a city that is already considered to be the epicenter for some of the finest food in all of Italy, a country that prides itself on its amazing cuisine. The park it a joint venture with the city and Eatly, a restaurant chain that has found great success with 26 outlets around the world, including the U.S., Japan, Dubai, and Hong Kong. The Bolognese city government has donated 20 acres, and several vacant warehouses, to the project, while also raising as much $100 million to get Eataly World off the ground. The hope is that the theme park will provide a major boost to the local economy by bringing in more tourism dollars to the region. Officials estimate the project will create somewhere in the neighborhood of 5000 new jobs and generate $118 million in annual revenue within five years of its opening.


Construction on Eataly World began back in April, and when it is finished, the theme park will feature as many as 125 outlets for foodies looking to get their fix. Those will include a mix of restaurants of course, but also grocery stores, food courts, kitchen outlets, and a large aquarium. There will even be onsite gardens where customers can pick their own fresh fruits and vegetables, along with all the other ingredients they need for their evening meal.  Developers promise there will also be 15 classrooms, each with the capacity to hold as many as 700 students. Those auditoriums will host cooking classes and a variety of seminars designed to help visitors hone their skills in the kitchen. They hope to make Eatarly World a destination spot for those wanting to pick up cooking skills while soaking in the fine Italian cuisine and culture.

No firm date is set yet for when FICO Eataly World will open, although most suspect it will be ready to go by the start of the World Expo, which will be held in Milan next year, and opens on May 1. The theme for the expo is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life,” and from the sounds of things, this new theme park will do its part to ensure no one who visits will go home hungry.

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