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Banded Bracelets

No slip. No pain. No kidding.

That is the “Banded” philosophy. While these revolutionary headbands are fantastic adjusting to fit children and adults alike, there is a whole other reason this company rocks.
For each and every headband you purchase, yes every single one, not one meal, but three meals are provided for a child in Uganda.
Here is what the company had to say,
“…focused on the idea that we can make products that are fun, comfortable and innovative for women and help people in need at the same time. We are a group of people, working in Nashville, TN, with a passion for our families and work that is meaningful.”
So, teaming up with Amazima Ministries just made sense.

The Banded Difference
A patent-pending technology allows these bands to automatically adjust to fit different head sizes and shapes.
Fashionable designs will get you from the gym to that night out on the town.
Providing you the best value with their quality and affordability.
A band that stays put, prevents headaches, and sustains children. Quite a tall order for a simple headband, but Banded is making it happen.
Gift idea…
With the holidays flying in, these headbands also make a great gift. When you gift a Banded headband, don’t forget to tell the receiver about the ministry so even more children can receive the nourishment they need.

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