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Here’s a few interesting news pieces from the travel world today:

Two Bags are Better than One: Last week Transport Canada brought joy to many baggage-toting Canadian travelers with the announcement that Canadians traveling to the U.S. would once again be able to board the plane in the company of two pieces of hand luggage. Since the foiled Underwear Bomber attack, in which a Nigerian passenger tried to blow up a Detroit-bound Northwest aircraft on Christmas Day, Canadians had been limited to one carry-on (and, at first, none). The return to a less paranoid, more civilized baggage rule went into effect last Thursday.

California Dreaming: Air Canada kicked off its conquest of California with the inaugural flight of a new service between Toronto and Orange County. This summer the airline will be offering 77 weekly flights between TO and CA. Highlights include a new route to San Diego and the launch of a new wide-body aircraft featuring Executive First service on select flights to Los Angeles.

London Calling: In the merry month of March, the British capital was the top destination of both Canadian and American flyers, knocking out previous favorite New York for the second month in a row. While the Big Apple remained Americans’ second favorite choice, it was third for Canadians who preferred the je ne sais quoi of Paris. Toronto and Vancouver (in 5th and 6th place) were also Top 10 destinations for Canadian travelers in March.

When in Rome: From April 16-25, it’s Settimana della Cultura, or Cultura Week, in Italy. This not only means free admission to all national museums and monuments (Rome’s municipal sites will also be free or discounted), but visitors can also take advantage of rare access to palaces and archaeological sites that aren’t normally open to the public such as the sumptuous Palazzo Mattei di Giovi and the Scavi de Ostia Antica.

Glaciers: Going, Going, Gone: Last week, the bell tolled for two more glaciers, which officially disappeared from Glacier National Park, located in the Rocky Mountains (to qualify as a “glacier”, ice masses must measure at least 25 acres). Researchers predict that most of the Montana park’s 25 remaining glaciers (which once numbered 150) could be gone by 2020.  Due to global warming, 90 percent of the planet’s glaciers are shrinking. The biggest losses are taking place in Alaska, the Alps, and the Andes.

U.S. Receives More – But Cheaper – Visitors: The U.S. Department of Commerce announced that the U.S. received 3.4 million international travelers in January. This figure represents a 10 percent increase over January 2009 – however, the latest influx of travelers spent 3 percent less than their predecessors. The biggest increases – all in the double-digits – were among travelers from Canada, Brazil, South Korea, China, and Australia.

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