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We have all done it, we all packed our bags for a new adventure vacations and forgot the most important addition to the packing list. For the most part, what people usually forget are the items that they are using every day. Common items to forget: chargers, equipment, toothbrush, phone, iPod… I’m sure you get where we are going with this.


So never fear, here is a list of the top 10 things you should never leave home without! Save it, print it, memorize it, whatever you would like… but whatever you do, do not forget these things.


The sarong or larger scarf can be used for virtually anything while traveling. Try using at your blanket, scarf, towel, head wrap or seat for your bum.

2.Social Media Devices & Notebook


If you are someone who can live without your electronics for one trip, good on you! Most people need their social media for various reasons. Don’t forget to pack the tablet, cell phone, GoPro, camera, agenda, notebook and pen. Not only does this serve a purpose to complete freelancing tasks but it keeps you busy during long flights, layovers, waiting and much more.

3.Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife

Just one small knife can help you with a numerous amount of tasks. The smallest size Swiss army knife comes with great quality tools – tweezers, scissors, knife, tooth pick, nail file and screw driver. This is a 1.5 inch piece of magic!

4.Casual/Fancy Pants & Tops



Traveler pants never used to be common in larger ‘fashion cities,’ but to our amazement, the casual/fancy free flowing pants are now stylish no matter where you visit in the world! They cover you up for countries with clothing rules, they keep you cool when backpacking, they look great for an evening out on the town and they’re perfect pajama pants!

5.Travel Documents & Leather Case

DO NOT FORGET YOUR TRAVEL DOCUMENTS. You will soon realize that you won’t be getting much further without them. These items include your passport, visa photos, visa application, photocopies of all your documents, medical insurance, cash, credit cards, identification and other items that you may deem important. Keep them safe in a good quality travel case and you’ll be set for your next destination!

6.Roll Up Water Bottle

Whether you’re relaxing on the beach with an ice cold cocktail or you’re looking for some hiking trails, roll up water bottles will be your best friend. Most resorts give you small cups with your beverage of choice. Bring a water bottle and they’ll fill it to the top! Packing light? Fill up your bottle when needed and then once you’re finished it can simply be rolled back up again and packed into your canvas day pack!

7. Waterproof Lightweight Rain Jacket

Waterproof rain jackets will serve as your windbreaker for those cool breezy days, protection from the rain and is an alternative to packing a big bulky umbrella.

8.Toiletries & Basics


Try and pack as light as you can by using small travel sized bottles for your shampoos, soaps, lotions, etc.

9.Light weight Canvas Day Pack

You may try and just pack any old backpack but it will not be nearly as convenient as a small light weight canvas day pack. The canvas material offers a lightweight option and can easily be folded up into a larger pack. Strategic packing is one of the biggest factors to traveling successfully!

10.Ear Plugs & Face Mask

Face mask

You may be on the airplane looking for a few hours of shut eye, you may be in a hostel trying to block the light and noise from other hostellers, or you may just like to sleep in pitch black silence no matter where you are. Jet lag is quite common amongst travelers and the ear plugs and face mask will be there for you no matter what time of day. This will allow you to shut off everything and just relax.

Lastly, of course never forget to bring an open heart and a passion for adventure. Where ever your travels take you, embrace the experience to the best of your ability and ENJOY it!

About the Author: Jenna Davis

I am a 20-something Canadian travel blogger whose home address is as unknown as the next destination I will be visiting. I run my own travel blog at with a focus on affordable travel and unique experiences. Helping keep our true north strong and free, I have also developed a non-profit organization which supports northern Canadians living in poverty. Give for Granted.


  • Ahh! But she has not listed the most important items not to forget. Medications, inoriginal bottles, boxes. Also a copy of your prescription just in case your holiday gets elongated or your medication gets lost. Always place in your carry-on.

  • I always carry a couple of clean, good quality zipper lock storage bags. These have multiple uses! You can use them to carry snacks in your daypack, fill them with ice to serve as a make-shift cooler (which also can be an ice bag for a swollen ankle); they are great for keeping snacks if you ‘doggy bag’ left overs from a meal out. When you pack, they also keep liquids from leaking in your luggage or keep moisture or odours from damp or soiled items from spreading in you bag.

  • The most important that you do not forget your medications, pack a couple of days extra in case you have a problem with your flight coming back. this should be item number 1.

  • Cjordison, this is a wonderful tip! Zipper locked storage bags can be used for so many purposes, you’re right! They are also so easy to pack that there shouldn’t be an excuse to leave them at home.

  • Absolutely Eva!
    You are definitely right! Sometimes I don’t even think to include them on the lists because after travelling so much, it’s so ingrained in my mind. I actually have backup medications in all my travel bags already in case I forget one! Haha – talk about overly prepared.

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