What $66.32 in PDP Dollars Can Get You Around the World


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Did you know the average amount Flight Network customers earn with Price Drop Protection is $66.32?

$66.32 can go a long way around the world…

PDP credits can get you_Title


1. 31 Bottles of Wine in Lisbon, Portugal

PDP credits_ lisbon


2. 179 Ferry Rides Across the Huangpo River in Shanghai, China

PDP credits_ china


3. 13 Fish and Chips Meals in Sydney, Australia

PDP credits_ sydney


4. 29 Corn Dogs in Chicago, USA

PDP credits_ chicago

5. 65 Cappuccinos in Cape Town, South Africa

PDP credits_ south africa


6. 24 Admissions to the Rio City Zoo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

PDP credits_ Rio

Book any flight you want, and if the price drops after you book, you’ll get the difference back. That’s our Price Drop Protection program. Travel richer with Flight Network.

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