A Perfect Holiday on Crete


Bucket List Worthy  

Kalyves beach day
Kalyves Beach

Greek Islands have a lot to offer. For the past few years I tried to visit as many different locations as possible. I feel butterflies in my belly when I think of them. I almost never return to places I have already visited simply because I don’t have enough time. One exception to this rule was Crete, a miraculously beautiful and unusual Greek Island. The beaches of Crete are simply perfect.

The Journey to Crete

We drove the 1150km to Piraeus and then boarded a ship.

The boat provided complete indulgence. Restaurants, shops, cafes and Internet were all available. Food and drink were affordable. Ships normally depart 5:15 am and 9:00 pm.

We took advantage of our early morning arrival to take a look at the beaches that stretched to Gerani, the place in which we were staying. Mornings there were very pleasant.

Kalyves beach night
Kalyves Beach at night

A Magnificent Stay

We stayed in nearby Rethymno, which is 7km away from the city, where we enjoyed the peace and silence. The nights were pleasant and there was no need for air conditioning. Being close to the city we were able to enjoy in the hedonistic elements of our vacation: long walks, food specialties, beautiful sunsets, and the many  cafes and tavern terraces.

Our accommodation was excellent. We had apartment with a big  kitchen with all the necessary cookware, a comfortable bathroom, and a decent bedroom. The staff was friendly, always there to help , but at the same time unobtrusive.

It should be noted that the complex in which we stayed included both hotel and apartment accommodation, a nearby store, two swimming pools, and a tavern. Most of the tourists there were British, but there are also other Europeans, like Germans, Spaniards, Italians, and Portuguese. The bus ran every morning to Rethymno, and arrangements could be made at the reception desk anytime.

On the way to the sea we’d pass Kamari beach, which is protected from the wind and has almost no waves. There was also a small church and a tavern.

Rethymno is a good jumping-off point for heading north toward Chania, east toward Heraklion, and south toward the Libyan Sea.

Platanias beach
Platanias Beach

Places to Visit

Maps of the island are easily to find at travel agencies. You can also get them when renting a car. All roads, beaches and touristic attraction are marked on the maps so you don’t have to worry about reaching a desired spot. They can be purchased at any of the major markets for 7€.

I really liked  the Stavros beaches. They are located on the peninsula of Akrotiri. The sea is crystal here, waves almost do not exist, and there is natural shade provided by the pine trees. The beaches are sandy  and filled with sun beds and showers and lined by taverns.

Another beach I really enjoyed was Kalyves, which I found on the way from Rethymno to Souda. This beach is known for its transparent sand, absence of waves, natural shade, and a great tavern with perfect grilled chicken and lamb heads (which are both Greek  specialties).

I highly recommend going to Crete, the beautiful Greek island located at the crossroads of three continents.

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