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Enjoying those beachy vibes and island lifestyle shouldn’t only be about what you do during the day. For some of the most memorable vacation experiences, you need a place to stay that’s both comfortable and breathtaking. We got this list of hotels together for you that will fulfill both of those needs! You can thank me later. In the meantime, read on to see my picks for where you should stay and what services they have to offer you and your group while you’re there. Whether you’re looking for a 5 star luxury hotel, or a more affordable hostel to be friendly to your wallet I’ve got you covered. I hope you enjoy your stay wherever you pick and soak in as much of that beautiful sunshine as possible.




Picture Credits: AMÀRE IBIZA


No adult wants a bunch of kids around while they’re trying to relax. Thankfully at the Amàre Beach Hotel, they understand and have created an adult only oasis. At the height of Mediterranean style and atmosphere, this place takes relaxation and luxury very seriously. And with over 80% of the rooms having a gorgeous ocean view, what’s there not to love? Minimalist lines and ocean vibes fill every room and the services they provide are phenomenal. I mean how many places have you been to offer free WiFi on the beach? Wellness is very important to them as well so they offer personal training, beach yoga, a 24 hour fitness room, and a men’s sauna. I highly recommend treating yourself to a one of a kind massage and perhaps some spa treatments while you’re there. Your skin (and mind) will certainly thank you later!





Picture Credits: PLAYASOL HOTELS


Located in one of the most popular (and beautiful) places in Ibiza, you’ll find the Playasol Hotel. For travellers looking for a great view of the ocean I’d say you should check out this place for sure. Their rooms are affordable and offer all the amenities you could want! When booking you can even select an option to have your meals included too. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided by the hotel with a great variety of foods available. And yes, I’m even talking about drinks at one of their bars! The staff is friendly and available to help with whatever you may need as well. The location of this hotel is a hit too as it’s 8-10 minutes (literally) from the airport! With friendly staff, great views, amazing location, and affordable price – what’s there not to like? Check out their site and book directly to get the best price as well.





Picture Credits: AMISTAT HOSTELS


If you’re planning on visiting Ibiza but aren’t looking for a 5 star luxury hotel, there are options for you too! The Amistat Hostel is a great way to find comfortable, safe, and affordable place to stay while you’re on the island. There’s a lot of options to choose from too. They have rooms with 8-10 as well as 4-6 beds. And they even have double rooms if you wanted some extra privacy. One of the biggest highlights of this hostel is the full schedule of events they plan out pretty much every week. They offer fitness and Zumba classes, community dinners and cooking classes, bike rentals, pool events, and a whole lot more. They even rent equipment and organize trips for paddleboarding, windsurfing, and sailing. Be sure to take a look at their website before you go and get out there! They usually give a few promo codes around their site too so it’s worth clicking around.



4. Gran Hotel Montesol Ibiza


Picture Credits: Gran Hotel Montesol Ibiza


Ibiza is an island worth enjoying in style, and the Gran Hotel Montesol is the perfect place to do just that. There’s several different types of rooms available so you can choose what fits best. Whether you’re traveling with friends, family, or a certain someone you deserve something special! Along with their 33 incredible rooms, there’s also a restaurant and lounge bar available to you too. Because this place was opened in 1933 it has a lot of historical significance on the island as well. It was even Ibiza’s first hotel to be opened! From the rooms you’ll get some gorgeous views of the port and/or city that deserve to be taken in slowly. And speaking of views, you really need to check out their rooftop terrace! Take in the island breeze and enjoy the sights with a great cup of coffee (or a cocktail).



5. Tropicana Ibiza


Tropicana Ibiza Picture Credits: Tropicana Ibiza


If you go to the beach in Ibiza, you may as well embrace all the tropical paradise vibes while you’re there! I’d recommend staying at the Tropicana Ibiza Suites Hotel in all of it’s art deco inspired, pink and lime green beauty. The star of the hotel is the vibrant pink pool, which still has that fresh sea air without the harshness of salt! The rooms are really well decorated and are both playful and relaxing – just want you want in a beach getaway. One look at this hotel and you’ll want a tropical cocktail in record time, trust me. Thankfully they have you covered with 30 different drinks of all flavors and colors available for you on their drink menu! If you’re lucky you’ll be able to attend one of their tropical-themed events too. They have plenty of live music to go around and plenty of people to dance with.



6. Can Sastre Boutique Hotel


Picture Credits: Can Sastre Boutique Hotel


In the mood for something a bit different than the enormous hotels? Look no further than the Can Sastre Boutique Hotel. Here you’ll find three stylish casitas and two spacious villa suites. Each room has its own charms, character, and of course luxury. However here you’ll feel more at home with it’s smaller scale model and lots of personalized service. The rooms and hotel are impeccably decorated – perfect for capturing those typical Ibizian shots for your next post. This attention to detail has even been brought out to the exterior as well. The hotel is situated among orange trees, olive trees, bougainvillea, and of course the picturesque palm trees. It’s a nature-lover’s paradise and even better is that it’s your own private paradise while you’re in Ibiza. And let’s not even get started on the food… Their menu is fresh with one of the best selections I’ve seen – check it out for yourself!




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