Plane Shui Explains Mysteries Behind Airplane Seating Preferences


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It is extremely rare to encounter a traveller who doesn’t care where they sit on a flight. Most of us have well-established seating preferences. But why?

FlightNetwork® consulted Feng Shui expert Tila Silverio to investigate how this ancient Chinese art could influence your choice of the best seat on a plane, and created this handy Plane Shui calculator to help you determine the section of the aircraft that suits you best.


Plane Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy dating back over 5,000 years that is based on the principle that energy (Chi) flows through everything and everyone, and that its different frequencies affect everything we do, including our selection of airplane seats.

According to Tila Silverio, everyone is born into one of these “energies” or elements, and they very much determine your personality and choices in life, such as why you always choose the same coffee cup, why you always sit in the same spot in your living room, or why you sit where you do during flights.

To discover a person’s element, one must first determine their Kua number, which is calculated based on the individual’s year of birth and their gender. Each Kua number corresponds to an element – Water, Fire, Metal, Earth, or Wood – that has specific traits associated with it.

But you don’t have to worry about any of that because you can use our nifty calculator above. Go ahead and check your Plane Shui, and learn that perhaps there’s an ancient Chinese secret behind why you like to sit where you do.

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