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Photo Courtesy of FireFly Airlines
Photo Courtesy of FireFly Airlines

Are you the kind of traveler who searches high and low for the best possible prices on your airfare? If so, then you might want to checkout a new study that has revealed the absolute cheapest airlines in the world. The list is made up of budget carriers from just about every corner of the globe, with Asia being especially well represented. These small airlines generally only fly domestically, and have only the most minimal of amenities, but they will get you to your destination for a rock-bottom price that is often too good to pass up.The study collected the prices of more than 3.2 million tickets, available online in the month of June, in order to come up with the data they needed for the survey. The research showed that most budget airlines attempt to keep flights short, and fares low, in order to attract more passengers. These low-cost carriers work on moving large numbers of passengers, rather than charging higher prices, and carrying more moderate numbers of travelers. This has allowed them to offer inexpensive airfare, even though it sometimes leaves them with razor thin margins.

So which airline took home the coveted title as “World’s Cheapest?” That distinction goes to Firefly, which operates in Malaysia. The average price of a ticket on the budget carrier is just $44, which is considerably cheaper than even the second place airline, VivaAerobus in Mexico, which charges an average of just $69 per flight. Another Malaysian airline – Air Asia – took the third spot at $72 per flight, which gives you an indication of how brutal the fare wars are in that country.

Photo Courtesy of VivaAerobus Airline
Photo Courtesy of VivaAerobus Airline

The full list features airlines from five continents – sorry South America, no deals for you – and 11 countries. Turkey is the most well represented nation, with three airlines in the top ten. The full list, including average ticket price, is as follows:

1. Firefly (Malaysia) $44
2. VivaAerobus (Mexico) $69
3. Air Asia (Malaysia) $72
4. SpiceJet (India) $76
5. FastJet (Tanzania) $77
6. Onur Air (Turkey) $81
7. Atlasjet (Turkey) $91
8. tigerair (Singapore) $91.50
9. Pegasus Airlines (Turkey) $94
10. Ryanair (Ireland) $95
11. IndiGo Air (India) $99
12. Peach (Japan) $102
13. Wizz Air (Hungary) $102.50
14. Jetstar (Australia) $112
15. Allegiant Air (US) $114

For international travelers, this list could be especially helpful. If you have plans to visit any of the countries in which these airlines operate, it may be possible to book inexpensive domestic flights while there. Some of them, including Firefly, even have  reputations for offering good customer service. Others, such as Allegiant and Ryanair, not so much. Still, a cheap flight is always welcome, no matter where you go.

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  • There’s actually one for South America Spirit! Check it out from Buffalo to Lima $400..not bad

  • I would also like to see the safety record for these airlines presented alongside the cost data – either accidents/standing or other measure so one could judge their performance on an important metric for passengers. Safety records can be accessed through the Aviation Safety Network – ASN –

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