The 27 Products Mothers Should Never Travel Without


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So you’ve been thinking of taking your kids on a trip for a while now right? Or maybe you’re a seasoned traveler with you’re little ones.  It doesn’t have to be a hassle the right products to make your vacation stress free.  We’ve put together a list of products that will help.

1.The medibuddy should be your best friend while traveling

Medibag First Aid Kit & Wipes

The medibuddy first aid kit, the little buddy antibacterial wipes and the cool it buddy instant ice packs are amongst the most favorite on the go and travel kits for kids and moms.   

Price: $14.95  |  Where to  buy: Amazon

2. Enjoy a peaceful sleep with your child on the comfortable Peapod Plus

Peapod Plus Travel Bed

Your little ones should enjoy a comfortable bed as well. The Pea Pod is a line of children’s travel beds that are perfect for children 1-5 years old for short trips or longer visits.

Price: $99.99  | Where to buy: Babyrama Total Baby Store

3. Avoid dirty, outdated and unsafe restaurant chairs with the Yummigo Portable Baby Booster Seat

Yummigo Portable Baby Booster Seat

The Yummigo Portable Baby Booster Seat is  lightweight, portable booster seat converts into a comfortable carrying case for toys, daily essentials and snacks, making it a must have for any traveling parent.

Price: $54.95  | Where to buy:

4. Turn long walks into an adventure with a Trunki, a ridable  suitcase

Children suitecase

Kristen Spencer from Sprouts En Route  says “My kids love the Trunki and so do I. It is perfect for those moments your child is too tired to walk through the airport. Plus you will turn a lot of heads as strangers get a laugh out of your child gliding through the gates on their Trunki.”

Price: $39.99  | Where to buy: Melissa & Doug

5. Protect those curious hands with the Travel Childproofing Kit

childproofing kit, travel childproofing kit

The Travel Tot Childproofing Kit components create an extra layer of protection between curious little hands and potential hazards in guest rooms in motels and hotels. It’s easy to install and all parts come off easily, making them the perfect solution for temporary, non-damaging childproofing away from home!

Price: $34.95  | Where to buy: Travel Tot

6. Never worry about your little one again with the Snuza Hero Monitor

Cordless Baby Monitor

The Snuza Hero Monitor is a cordless movement monitor which monitors a baby’s breathing. The monitor is mobile and easy to pop into mommy’s bag when traveling.

Price: $129.99  | Where to buy: West Coast Kids

7. Your solution to avoiding those little accidents is My Carry Potty

Portable My Carry Potty

My Carry Potty is the world’s only leak proof potty so the little ones take it everywhere with them so they are familiar with just one potty. It can be used everywhere and because it’s leak proof there is no excuse and no accidents. You just empty it when you get to the nearest rest room or at home.

Price: $34.95  |  Where to buy: Safety Superstore

8. The answer to your diaper changing dilemas is the Baby Traveller

Baby Traveller

A unique, all in one, change station and diaper bag, the Baby Traveller can be worn as a backpack, hang on the stroller; change baby hygienically on the soft, extra long, padded change area, with easy access to all that baby needs for changing. This product will be available in Canada and the US in the next 2-3 months.

Price: To be determined

9. Aleva Naturals Newborn Travel Kit, the all in one solution to keep your baby fresh, clean and having fun

travel pack, aleva,

To make bath time with your child easy, the Aleva Naturals Newborn Travel Kit is the perfect package that includes a package of wipes, body wash to clean, a daily soothing moisturiser and to add a little fun, a bottle of bubble bath.

Price: $14.99  |  Where to buy: Snuggle Bugz

10. Never have a spill ever again with the Thinkster Straw Bottle

Straw bottle, sippy cup

The Thinkster Straw Bottle, a bottle is used for ages 12 months to over 48 months. The straw features a cross cut spout, so it doesn’t spill.  The top of the bottle features a swivel top to protect the straw and reduce chance of spilling.

Price: $9.99  |  Where to buy: thinkbaby

11. Bath time can now be a breeze with the Puj Flyte

baby bath,

The Puj Flyte compact shape allows it to fit in a suitcase, making it the perfect travel companion. It cradles the baby, keeping them protected and comfortable. With no more bending, kneeling, or backbreaking, it allows parents to bathe baby from a comfortable, upright position.

Price: $34.99  |  Where to buy: Puj 

12. Armadillo Stroller has what every parent could ask for in a stroller

Armadillo Stroller

The Mamas & Papas big little  Armadillo Stroller adds simplicity to everyday strolling with an inward, no-fuss fold that allows parents to fold the stroller in just seconds with one hand.

Price: $279.99  |  Where to buy: Mamas & Papas

13. If baby strollers aren’t your thing, try lillebaby COMPLETE Baby Carrier

baby carrier,

Complete in function, comfort and style, the lillebaby COMPLETE Baby Carrier is a 6-in-1 carrier gives you all the options – you can wear it on your front, hip, or back, with baby facing in or out, and it has you covered through all the baby wearing years (newborn to 45lb).

Price: $140.00 | Where to buy: Q House Kids

14. This ultimate swim diaper for your little one is the Charlie Banana® 2-in-1 Swim Diaper & Training pants

Charlie Banana® 2-in-1 Swim Diaper & Training pants

Charlie Banana® 2-in-1 Swim Diaper & Training pants have a waterproof outer layer and a soft organic cotton interior lining, which is gentle against your baby’s skin. They make great underwear due to the soft organic lining too.

Price: $12.88  | Where to buy: Charlie Banana

15. Don’t you just hate when things leak? Yeah we do too! Try the Travel Happens™ Sealed Wet Bag

sealed wet bag, travel bag,

The Travel Happens™ Sealed Wet Bag is made from 100% cotton fabric exterior with thick and lush waterproof lining. It’s perfect for travel, especially for diapers, swimwear, travel, wet clothes, yoga items, toiletries & more.

Price: $17.95  |  Where to buy:

16. Your little one will feel so grown up with the Preschool Happens™ Little Kid Backpack

child backpack, travel kids backpack

Stash your tot’s travel necessities in the Preschool Happens™ Little Kid Backpack adorable, fun-sized pack that lets him feel like a big kid, while the included harness keeps him from dashing out of sight.

Price: 19.99  | Where to buy:  Itzy Ritzy Store

17. Easily feed your baby when your out with the “On-the-Go” Formula & Snack Dispenser

food dispenser, formula and snack dispenser

Each “On-the-Go”  Formula & Snack Dispenser container individually seals to ensure food stays fresh and stack them for easy storage. It’s a breeze moving formula to a bottle with the easy pour spout.

Price: $19.99  | Where to buy:  Zoli

18. The end of the screaming baby nightmare with the Baby Susher

Falling asleep, baby shusher

The Baby Susher sleep miracle makes a rhythmic shushing noise to help calm, soothe, and often put fussy babies to sleep. This is fantastic when traveling because it will quickly and quietly re-focus the children and quiet them down.

Price: $34.99  |  Where to buy: Baby Susher

19. Dapple Travel Dish Liquid, the answer to your cleaning prayers

baby dish soap

Dapple Travel Dish Liquid Size is great for diaper bags, plane trips and vacations. Features award-winning green technology to target milk residue and baking soda to combat odor. Perfect for cleaning baby bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, and breast pump components.

Price: $1.99  | Where to buy: Dapple

20. Protect your little one from the sun with Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen

sunscreen, baby safe sunscreen

Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen creates safe non-toxic products for babies to adults. For parents on the move, protect a kiddo from the harmful effects of UV by applying a sunscreen that is not full of harmful chemicals or aerosol is also important.

Price: $15.99  |  Where to buy: Thinkbaby

21. The absolute perfect formula bottle for travel – the Mixie Bottle

mixie bottle, formula bottle,

Mixie Bottle is the formula bottle perfect for travel, making feeding on the go very easy. Powder formula is stored in an airtight compartment separate from the water (so you can toss the bottle into your bag and hit the road.) When you are ready to feed, simply press a button to release formula into the water and shake to mix.

Price: $19.99  | Where to buy: Walgreens

22. The multipurpose must-have lulujo muslin cotton blanket

cotton blanket, muslin blanket, swaddling blanket

The lulujo muslin cotton swaddling blanket is made of  lightweight fabric that gets softer with each use, is easily washed and dries extremely quickly. Generous in size (48 x 48) allows for multiple uses – swaddling, nursing cover, blanket, stroller cover, portable crib sheet, towel etc.

Price: $15.99  |  Where to buy: lulujo baby

23. The fantastic easy to wipe and wash Bumkins Starter Bib

starter bib, washable bib,

The Bumkins bibs are so fantastic – they are super easy to wipe clean, and you can just wash them out in the sink with a sponge and hang over the faucet to dry and they’ll be ready to go by the next meal. The prints are also adorable and the bibs are machine washable in case they get really dirty.

Price: $6.95

24. Don’t forget your child’s favorite toy with the Pippalily Toy Strap

Pippalily Toy Strap


We all know how busy airports are and we wouldn’t want to leave behind your babies favorite toy right before a long flight. Use the Pippalily Toy Strap to keep toys, teethers, and snack traps  from getting lost or dirty when you’re on the go.

Price: $10.00  |  Where to buy: Pippalily

25. Keep your sanity with volume limiting Sakar Kid Safe Headphones

Sakar Volume Limiting Headphones

Lauren Jane Heller of travel food family says “I bought my daughter a pair of My Little Pony Sakar volume-limiting headphones. She absolutely loves them, and we’ve had peace and quiet through the driving and flying we’ve been doing since she got them.” 

Price: $17.99  | Where to buy: Amazon

26. Now did you think we would forget to include a tablet on our list?

tablet, tablet games


Don’t count on having Wi-Fi where ever you go. Having preloaded movies, television shows and games are essential for passing time with children of all ages.

Price: Varies depending on model

27. Oh no! What if drool or food falls on your tablet? Use the Laugh & Learn Aptivity Case

tablet case,


The Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Aptivity Case is a sturdy case will protect your device from dribbles, drool, and sticky little fingers. Busy beads and a handle are great for go-anywhere play.

Price: $27.99  |  Where to buy: Babies R Us



  • I’m way past being a mom but I will definitely share as there are lots of new moms and grandmoms who could use this info!

  • You should try I was actually recommended by my friend. They are a Canadian company. Love the site especially the organic toys. 🙂

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