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Pulse is a round-up of this week’s hottest travel writing on the Web, published every Sunday, so you can spend your day relaxing and reading rather than searching.

Pack your bags, because this week we’re traveling to some of the finest hotels, charming small towns and dreamiest destinations in Europe.

#1. Ireland’s Dark Hedges is the Most Mystifyingly Cool Road Ever

When the Stuart family planted beech trees to protect their property in the 18th century, they didn’t expect to create one of Northern Ireland’s coolest tourist attractions.


Photo credit: Tim Kingsley
Photo credit: Tim Kingsley

#2. Small Towns in Europe That I Love

Kate McCulley guides her readers away from the city life and into smaller towns she finds ideal for slow-paced day trips.


Photo credit: zolakoma
Photo credit: zolakoma

#3. Top 5 Luxury Hotel Suites in Europe

Never leaving the hotel room isn’t frowned upon when you’re staying in one of these dreamy European hotel suites.


Photo credit: davecobb
Photo credit: davecobb

#4. 11 of Europe’s Most Bizarre Buildings

You certainly wouldn’t use the phrase “old-world charm” to describe these mesmerizing pieces of European architecture.


Photo credit: Niels Mickers
Photo credit: Niels Mickers

#5. A Day out in Bled, Slovenia

Follow Brendan van Son as he explores the parks, creeks and breathtaking water views in Bled, Slovenia.


Photo credit: Nigel's Europe and beyond
Photo credit: Nigel’s Europe and beyond

 #6. Europe’s Most Beautiful Villages

From cobblestone streets to terracotta roofs — these charming European villages will transport you back to a simpler time.


Photo credit: MorBCN
Photo credit: MorBCN

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