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Pulse is a round-up of the best travel writing of the week on the web, published every Sunday, so that you can spend your day relaxing and reading rather than searching.

This week we share some of Cape Town’s best kept secrets and a few cultural hints to keep you on the locals’ good side in Korea, Thailand and the Philippines.

5 Ways to Avoid Looking Downright Silly at a Korean Dinner Party
Joseph Ratermann advises travelers to show appreciation for gifts, brush up on table manners and drink plenty of booze in Korea — hey, it’s only customary.

Alphen Boutique Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa
Convinced that boutique hotels are stuffy and uptight? Raymond Walsh guides readers through the Alphen — a Cape Town hotel with a charming aura of old money and blatant eccentricity.

A Mini Traveler’s Guide to Thailand’s Culture and Customs
Know before you go. Familiarize yourself with these 10 simple Thai customs, and you’re sure to be respected by (and even impress) the locals.
@AgnessTramp, @CezKrol

9 Cape Town Experts Reveal the Best of the Mother City
From the infamous Table Mountain to buskers and breakfast on the beach — take some advice from the experts, and you’ll experience the best of the best that Cape Town has to offer.

Daily Life of the Hiligaynon People in Negros Occidental, Philippines
An insider’s look into the real lives of the Hiligaynon people from the way they wash their clothes, to what they eat, where they work and how they kick back in the evenings. Through his writing, photos and experiences, J.R. Riel makes readers jealous of a simpler lifestyle.

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