Raden Smart Luggage: The Ultimate Holiday Gift for the Traveler on Your List


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It’s not easy to shop for travelers. Everything they need fits inside a suitcase, and unnecessary items don’t have a chance of making it on adventures. However, you can make your favorite traveler’s life easier with a piece (or pieces) of smart luggage this holiday season.

Smart luggage isn’t a phrase that’s thrown around as often as smartphone, but it’s something that’s guaranteed to revolutionize the travel industry in the coming years, and you can win the “best gift” award, by buying a piece of Raden smart luggage for any intrepid traveler on your list.

What Is Smart Luggage?

Smart luggage is the newest category of carry-on and checked luggage to hit the market. It’s durable and stylish luggage that’s loaded with technology to make the travel lifestyle easier. Many pieces of smart luggage include integrated scales, built-in chargers with USB ports, and GPS tracking devices to eliminate the stresses of lost or stolen baggage.

Which One Should You Buy?

What began as one or two proprietary smart luggage companies has since become a long list of manufacturers offering items for purchase or pre-order. Raden is one of few companies on the market to sell fully-functional smart luggage that you can purchase, wrap, and place under the tree today.

Raden offers an A22 carry-on luggage model, and A28 checked luggage model, and the A50 set of two pieces. Each piece is constructed with an ultra durable (yet flexible) polycarbonate shell, proximity sensors with Bluetooth technology, a carry handle that doubles as a scale, and a 7,800mAh battery with two USB ports that allow you to charge two items at once.

Raden smart luggage combines sleek styling with durability, security, and technology to make every trip, whether for business or pleasure, more stress-free from start to finish.

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