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Imagine yourself on a deserted, sandy beach, nestled in the crevasse of a bright orange cliff enjoying fresh lobster in good company with no worry in the world… In the Magdalen Islands, situated north of Prince Edward Island, this is actually part of daily life for locals. Venture out to this incredible Canadian destination and you won’t regret adding it to your travel bucket list. For those unfamiliar with this breathtaking place, search no further, these elements should convince you to book a trip without further ado!

Ile Boudreau - Magdalen Islands Canada - Jennifer Doré Dallas

1. Every Day Brings a New Adventure

No matter the type of vacation you’re looking for, the Maggies have something for everyone within their 205 square kilometres of treasures. Six inhabited islands, of which five are connected, enable you to easily move around from one end to another. From Grande-Entrée to Havre-Aubert, each island conveys a different atmosphere and offers something special; infinite sand dunes, rugged cliffs, hidden shipwrecks, etc. And there is always a coastline you’ll remember!

Cliffs of the Maggies - Jennifer DOré Dallas

2. You’ll Fall in Love With the Locals

Madelinots represent some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. The minute you set foot on the islands, whether by ferry, plane or bus, get ready for enchantment and all-around smiles. Engage in random conversations, visit artisan shops or ask your neighbours if you can watch the sunset on a piece of their land, especially if it’s low season, when they have even more free time to help you fall in love with the archipelago.

Site de la Côte - Bucket list Canada - Jennifer Doré Dallas

3. Your Camera Might Beg for a Break

Stock up on memory cards and backup drives because you’ll need tons. With out-of-this world landscapes and bits of paradise before your lense, they’ll fill up at lightning speed. Spot a running wild fox, catch a glimpse of a seal or come face to face with farmed elk. These are only some of the surprises in store to keep you begging for more.

Orange cliffs in the Maggies - Jennifer Doré Dallas Boats in Magdalen Islands - Jennifer Doré Dallas

4. There Are Tons of Activities to Choose From

The Magdalen Islands offer a multitude of great activities, whether you’re up for some action or into a little R&R. Take a scooter for a spin to feel the wind in your hair, an important component of this maritime destination. Sign up for a stand-up paddle excursion in a tranquil bay of Havre-aux-Maisons. Rent a kayak for a journey under towering ginger cliffs. Hop on a fat bike to tame those gigantic dunes and finish off your fun-filled day with a beer at the local microbrewery!

Scooter - Agence de location Hertz - Jennifer Doré Dallas

With these images in mind, all you need to do is add the Magdalen Islands to your bucket list and start planning your next adventure. I bet you’ll have trouble leaving this place without emotion, just like the archipelago will forever be part of your best travel memories.

Have an awesome trip in the Maggies!


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