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When you’ve been fortunate enough to travel the globe, visit foreign countries, and immerse yourself in unique cultures, it is easy to get caught up in planning your next big escape. Deciding which country will be next on your list, researching the top attractions there, and learning about local history and customs can be great fun. When thinking about all those options, it is easy to forget just how many great travel opportunities can be found right at home. We often get so enamored with the lure of a foreign place, we miss all of the amazing destinations that are right under our nose. Here are a few reminders of some of the things that make domestic travel great.

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It’s Cheap!
Let’s face it, international airfare can be pretty pricey, and hotel accommodations abroad can be expensive too. And that’s before you get hit hard by a poor foreign exchange rate! Staying closer to home means you don’t have to deal with  the hassle of trying to figure out if you’re getting good value for your dollar, and flights are far more affordable as well. Often times, there are multiple airlines offering flights to your destination, and that added competition means you can hunt around for the best deals, and save yourself even more money. With that savings, you can actually afford to spoil yourself some when you get to the place you’re visiting.

It’s Convenient!
Because you’re not taking long flights to get to your destination, domestic travel generally doesn’t require the same type of time commitment as when you’re traveling overseas. Living in relatively close proximity to your destination means you can even visit some wonderful places over a long weekend, allowing  you to save those precious vacation days for when they are really needed. Short flights also allow you to avoid jet lag, which can be incredibly tough to recover from when traveling internationally. The result is, less downtime during, and after your trip.

Photo Credit: Kozumel via Flickr
Photo Credit: Kozumel via Flickr

It’s Easy!
Traveling domestically means there is no need to carry a passport, pass through customs, or deal with entry visas. You don’t have to worry about having the proper shots, bringing special travel medications, or having the proper power adapter for your electronic gadgets. You don’t even have to deal with a language barrier when you arrive at your destination. The familiarity of the place will make things extremely easy in terms of navigation, finding places to stay and eat, and interacting with the locals too.

It’s Fun!
Sometimes it is surprising what kind of hidden travel gems can be found right under our noses in our home country. Many places have attractions and locations that are just as exotic, famous, and interesting as those found in a foreign land, we just haven’t bothered to take the time consider them before. National parks make some of the best vacation spots of course, and there are often numerous quality museums to be found as well. Large metropolitan areas usually offer fantastic restaurants, live concerts and shows, a jumping nightlife, and numerous other activities to partake in too. Doing a little research about a domestic destination that you’ve always wanted to visit, but just haven’t found the time, will likely reveal some potentially amazing and unexpected options.

It’s Surprising!
When visiting a foreign country, it is easy to be surprised by the unique cultural elements that you find there. But, you might find that you’ll discover some equally surprising things at home too. Many countries have unique cultures within their own border, and things such as architecture, food, drinks, music, and art can very widely between various domestic destinations. Vancouver is completely different than Montreal for instance, while the vibe in New York is light years different than it is in L.A. The point is, you may be very surprised by some of the things you discover in your home. Chances are, there still plenty of things to discover in your home city, let alone another destination on the other side of the country.

Sure, domestic travel doesn’t seem nearly as glamorous or thrilling as jetting off to a foreign land, but it can still be just as rewarding and fun none the less. Plus, traveling in our home country is a good reminder of all the beautiful, inspiring, and wondrous places we have in our own backyard. Keep that in mind the next time you’re planning to get on a ten hour flight to visit another country.

About the Author: Kraig Becker

Kraig Becker is a freelance outdoor and adventure travel writer who covers extreme sports, mountaineering and active travel. Based out of Austin, TX he writes about his own travels while encouraging others to seek their own opportunities for adventure where ever they go.

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