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I was  in LA at a party earlier this year and when I met a nice fellow from a company called Hex. Our mutual friend Chris introduced us when we all jumped into taxi together. I was making a phone call when he said, “You should really put a case on your iPhone.”

“I know!”, I said. Then he handed me a Hex Solo Wallet for my iPhone.

I didn’t pay much attention to the phone case after that. A few months later a friend saw it and said, “Oh neat! You can slip a card and ID in your phone case when you go out and lighten up the load.”

I hadn’t realized it. All I usually  carry when I’m out is my iPhone,  driver’s license, and a debit or credit card. This phone case wallet is perfect for the times that I’m going to a bar or even to the gym or out for a run. I can slip my phone into a pocket or an arm band and I’m good to go.

hex phone case Often, when I stop to pay for someting, I’ll pull a card out of my Hex case and somebody nearby will notice and ask me about it. I always give it a big thumbs up!

The Solo Wallet by Hex comes in white, grey, red, orange, black and a limited special edition made for Fools Gold Records. There are models custom moulded for the iPhone 5, 4, and 4s, all of which have a camera hole, and are wrapped in genuine leather with two integrated card slots. MRSP is $39.95.

Hex was founded by Dan Maravilla and Trent Vallardes. They have been friends since their youth growing in LA’s music scene. They created a startup that eventually grew into what is known as August Accessories, which consults to fashion and action sports companies. Hex was founded by them in 2010 and is a culmination between their love of fashion and technology. Click here for more of a history about the brand.

For a chance to win a Hex Solo Wallet Case for your iPhone 5, head over to for more details!

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