Road trip 101: Tips and Tricks for an Adventure to Remember



With summer just around the corner, you’re bound to start planning your seasonal adventure. What better way to take in the sights and experience freedom to roam than an epic road trip through some of the world’s best destinations? With these tips and tricks to make your road trip unforgettable, a journey to remember awaits, no matter where you set out!

Tadoussac dunes in the mirror by Jennifer Doré DallasTadoussac dunes in the mirror by Jennifer Doré Dallas

Get Your Car Checked Before Departure

Nobody wants to break down during an awesome tip. Give your car some well-deserved TLC before you leave home (battery, oil, wipers, etc.). If you’re going to scour thousands of kilometres, also keep track of your automobile’s fluid levels every now and again. Make sure you have a spare tire available as well as tools to change your wheel if required.

Keep Those Supplies Handy

A well-stocked car constitutes a great base for a headache-free road trip. Keep a few useful items in the trunk, just in case, and you most likely won’t even need them. A simple emergency kit and blanket, a few water bottles, toilet paper, a map, two or three granola bars and clothes to avoid getting dirty in case you need to change a tire, are some of the basics to keep handy.

Jennifer Doré Dallas - Iles de la Madeleine - Quebec, Canada roadtrip

Create a Tailored Playlist

With wind blowing in your hair and a great friend by your side, the next best thing is loud music you can chant your heart out to. Before you leave home, build a playlist of classic road trip tunes and funky modern songs. Try to customize it per your destination, including local artists and representative lyrics that will keep you singing for hours. Bring along some extra battery power for your phone or keep a car adaptor close-by.

Choose Your Companion Wisely

You’ll spend a lot of time with the people you bring along. Be clever and invite friends or family that have the same perception of a perfect road trip as yours. Are you interested in similar activities and roadside stops? Do you both enjoy the same lodging array or restaurants? Ask questions before you plan the voyage to ensure no hiccups arise along the way. Choosing people who love to chat and laugh aloud, madly singing to the music blaring is always fruitful!

Give Yourself Enough Time

A road trip is all about taking your time, randomly stopping in one town or another on route. Design your itinerary in such a manner that you have room for spontaneous encounters. Pencil in moments to enjoy life, have a picnic or savour a beer in a local microbrewery.

Tadoussac dunes in the mirror by Jennifer Doré Dallas

Set an Alarm on Your Phone

If you’re the type to run out of gas or forget to call the hotel to book the next night, simply setting an alarm on your smartphone will make your life easier and avoid problems. When you stop to refuel, calculate how much time you have left before you’re due to fill-up again and ask your device to remind you!

You’re in luck, there are thousands of kilometres of roads to travel in Canada, so imagine the infinite pool of routes you can pick from! Great places and funky attractions start right outside your front door. Hop in your car and set out to uncover them from coast to coast thanks to these practical road trip tips and tricks.


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