Sail the Greek Islands

Jewel toned sunsets, mythical ruins, and piercing blue waters attract travellers to the Greek Islands, where passion, adventure, and a rich culture await. Because the Aegean Sea is the soul of Greece, it’s ideal to spend most of your time in its waters. Your sailing tour begins in Athens, where a thriving cultural and culinary scene can be enjoyed before you settle into a finely appointed sailboat. From there, explore the neoclassical buildings on Syros Island, take a “taxi” (aka, a donkey) on the island of Hydra, where no cars are allowed, then visit ancient ruins on Aegina Island.

Colorful streets and the authenticity of local island life will meet you on Kea, while wild beauty and classic Grecian architecture awaits on Kythnos Island. Sail on to the famous beaches of Mykonos, where you can relish a sunset before exploring the vibrant entertainment that awakens when the sun sleeps. After a nice on-board sleep-in, discover the Temple of Dimitra, secluded beaches, and views of Mount Zeus on Naxos Island. You’ll continue to island hop, swimming in coves formed by naturally sculpted rock, examining traditional Grecian pottery, and relishing handmade rolled pasta, as you stop off on the islands of Paros, Ios, Sifnos, and Folegandros. The adventure ends in Crete, the birthplace of Zeus, according to Greek mythology, and a wonderland of fine sand beaches, bustling harbours, and glittering Mediterranean waters.

Getting there

Reach this can’t miss destination by flying directly into Athens International Airport. Be sure to book a hotel if you would like to experience the thrills of Athens before setting sail. The most popular forms of transportation in Athens include trams and taxis. From North America, you can fly nonstop to Athens from New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Montreal. European travelers can catch a direct flight from London, Paris, Rome, Thessaloniki, and Madrid. From Crete, you can fly back to Athens using the Heraklion International Airport, on the island of Crete about 5 km east of the main city center of Heraklion.