Seven Mile Beach Beach

Seven Mile Beach is the show-stopper of the Cayman Islands with almost 7 miles of uninterrupted fine coral sand, warm turquoise water, and rows of gently swaying palms. As you walk along what seems to be a never-ending stretch of paradise, you’ll have boundless opportunities to swim, snorkel, and sink your body into the soft white sand. Seven Mile also tempts visitors with its luxurious beach-front villas, mouth-watering gourmet eateries, and stylish sunset bars. This is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a castaway-like beach but with a touch of comfort, decadence, and luxury.

Getting There

An amazing thing about Seven Mile Beach is that it’s really accessible due to its proximity to Cayman’s capital Georgetown. You can fly with most reputable airlines including Air Canada, American Airlines and Delta Airline. Travelers can catch a direct flight to Owen Roberts International Airport, located in the Grand Cayman. Residents of North America can travel from Canada, USA, California and Mexico. The airport offers a myriad of international flight options to make your travels smooth and easy from locations across the globe. There is also convenient traveling from Toronto, Sydney, San Francisco and New York. Once there, you can get a taxi to your accommodation or venture directly to Seven Miles Beach to begin your tropical adventures immediately. A car journey from the airport will last a short 10 minute ride to paradise.