A Trip on the Shinkansen Bullet Train

Reaching a maximum speed of 320 km/h, Japan’s lightning-fast Shinkansen Bullet Train offers travelers a ride of a lifetime. With the ability to tilt on turns, the needle-nosed Shinkansen is a thrilling way to travel. Known for its aerodynamic design and sleek rails providing ultra-smooth rides, the bullet train’s innovative, wing-shaped form helps to reduce wind resistance at high speeds.

Boarding the train in Tokyo, after exploring everything from the modern glittering skyscrapers to its historic temples, adventurers can take the Shinkansen to the popular city of Kyoto for a picturesque journey along towering mountains and flower-drenched valleys. Departing from the train, visitors can explore Kyoto’s timeless, island culture and a region draped in Japanese tradition. Peruse Kyoto’s Buddhist temples, imperial palaces, and Shinto shrines before hopping on the Shinkansen and rambling on to your next destination.

Getting there

With countless airlines like Japan Airlines, AirAsia, Asiana Airlines serving Asia from around the globe, it’s easy to get to Tokyo, Japan from Toronto, Vancouver, OsakaKyoto, Seoul, New York, and all popular destinations.

Arrive in Tokyo through the international gateway at Narita Airport located 66 km from the city by taking flights from any part of the World. The most cost-effect way to get to Tokyo from the airport is by limousine bus which departs four times an hour. The fastest way to get to Tokyo is by boarding the Narita Express, the East Japan Railway Company to Tokyo. Make your way to the Shinkansen by taking the Keikyu Rail Line to Shinagawa when you’re ready for your trip on the Bullet Train.