Shoal Bay

If you were looking for the postcard-perfect Caribbean beach of your dreams, this is it. Shoal Bay is an uninterrupted 2-mile stretch of sugary white sand, shimmering turquoise water, swaying coconut palms and sea grape trees. Out of Anguilla’s 33 beaches, this is by far the most popular with visitors. However, with its never-ending coastline, you won’t have trouble finding your very own slice of paradise to sprawl out on the warm sand and take in the exquisite views. Travelers can soak up the blue skies and fresh air, snorkel in the shallow reefs, and sample delicious fresh fish all from the comfort of one of the best beaches in the world.

Getting There

Your Caribbean beach dream is awaiting you and only a short, highly accessible from major Cities including Toronto, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Phoenix and Ottawa. Fly into the Caribbean from all major countries like Mexico, Iceland, Florida and Costa Rica directly into Anguilla from any international airport across the globe. You can fly to this destination by Air Canada, WestJet and Caribbean Airlines. The main gateway to the island is Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport. You can also fly into St Maarten and take a boat charter that lasts an hour and a half to get to Anguilla. Once there, you will need to obtain your own form of transportation to get there or you can take a guided tour directly to Shoal Bay.