How to Still Work as You Travel Without Ruining Your Vacation


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It’s no secret that North American workers aren’t taking vacations. In fact, according to TIME magazine, 169 million vacation days are not used and aren’t even carried over. They’re pretty much wasted and thrown into the garbage.

Whether it’s due to exorbitant costs of taking a vacation or fears of returning to our desks with a huge pile of paperwork, we prefer to just either stay put and do our jobs or take a staycation.  

However, when we do take a vacation, the concept of work slowly creeps into our trips to the beach, a visit to a museum or when we cuddle up in our hotel bed. Unfortunately, we can’t escape work when we’re on vacation. One poll even found that one-third of millennials worked each day during their trip, and these findings are becoming a common trend.

The whole point of a vacation is to unwind, recuperate, relax and create new memories. Due to mobile technology, constant wifi access and greater demands from our employers, the old depiction of a holiday is entering the dustbins of history.

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So, how do you still work while you travel without it actually ruining your holiday? We’ve got seven tips to make this possible.

Prepare Your Workload Before Holiday

Before you leave the office for a week, spend 20 minutes to take a peek at your workload. Find out what needs to be done, what is a priority and what can’t wait until you get back. This helps with your preparation, and prevents you from pulling out your hair due to a massive pile of work sitting on your desk.

Create an Email & Voice Alert

During your vacation, you won’t be able to immediately shoot of emails or answer your phone. This is why it’s a prudent step to create an email and voice alert. The email alert should be a notifier that you will be out of the office and it may take you up to 24 hours to respond to an email. Likewise with the voicemail alert.

Set Aside a Specific Time

It’s best to establish a schedule for when you can work on projects, respond to messages and speak with your boss. Rather than frantically shooting off emails or filling in paperwork, you will have a set time and place to get your work done. Preferably, your schedule should consist of one hour of work at your hotel in the morning and one hour of work before you go to bed.

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Have a Timer Ready

We all get in a groove when we work, and sometimes this trance-like state and distract us from the time. The remedy to this problem is to have a timer ready when you start work. Whether you’re working for 30 minutes or 60 minutes, set it when you start work, and when time’s up you’ll be informed.

Ensure You Have Reliable Internet

One of the biggest annoyances for those who work on vacation is an unreliable Internet connection. Slow Internet, a terrible wifi hotspot and/or faulty connection are just some of the reasons listed for being frustrated. In order to ensure you won’t have a deplorable connection, here are a few tips:

  • Bring a power strip and a small wifi router.

  • Purchase a tethering plan for your smartphone.

  • Establish a secondary browser for slow Internet.
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Work During the Airplane Ride

Is your international flight three to seven hours long? This is a perfect opportunity to get work done. Even if you don’t have an Internet connection, you can still work offline and complete assignments, edit projects and finish up some last-minute tasks. If you’re efficient and fast enough, you could 90 percent of your work done to and from!

Do Not Complain About it

Nobody likes to be saddled with work on a vacation. We just want to relax and forget about office politics and immense piles of paperwork. Unfortunately, it has to be done and you’re the person to do it. Just accept it and adapt. But whatever you do, do not complain about it. This will make for an unpleasant time at work and perhaps the quality of your work will be shoddy because you’ll be resentful of your company and the work itself.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, millennials enjoy to take a break once in a while as much as they like their work. They relish in the idea of constantly being connected and in the know. There aren’t any surprises for them upon their return to work. In today’s technologically advanced concrete jungle, we can work anywhere we want at anytime, even during our vacation. This may not be the most pleasant of thoughts, but it can be done, even if you don’t want to. You just have to be smart about it.


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