Top 10 Sunny Getaways For The Holidays


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If staying home amid the ice and snow over the holidays has lost its lustre, defy convention and make a break for sunnier climes during the festive season. Here are our top ten picks for sunny holiday getaways:

French Polynesia

bora bora bungalow
over water bungalow in Bora Bora – photo by simple.joys

Anyone who has ever prepared a Christmas dinner will relate to the sensation of feeding sharks, which is a must-try activity in Tahiti, Bora Bora and other French Polynesian islands. Hang your stocking in an overwater bungalow instead of on the mantle at home, gaze out over the vibrant turquoise waters and dine on French cuisine while thinking of your friends back home shovelling snow.

Turks and Caicos

Getaways for the holidays - Turks & Caicos
Turks and Caicos – photo by Digitizedchaos

Before you get set to revel in the carnival atmosphere of Maskanoo on Boxing Day, enjoy delicious seafood and festive island fare, then lay on the beautiful beach and build up your energy reserves because you’re going to need them.

Cruise to St. Thomas, Tortola, Turks & Caicos

Getaways for the holidays - Tortola
Tortola – photo by Thomas Duff

Why only visit one sunny destination, when you can enjoy the best of several yet only unpack once? We picked this cruise because it includes ports of call at several of our favourite sunny getaways for the holidays.


Getaways for the holidays - Antigua
Sunset in Antigua – photo by David Stanley

We already know that Antigua and Barbuda has a lot to offer, so why not enjoy it over the holidays? Go horseback riding on the beach, charter a boat and go for a sail, or just enjoy the warmth and gaze out at the ocean.

Christmas Island

Getaways for the holidays Christmas Island
Christmas Island – photo by Nicole M

Beyond just the novelty of the name, Christmas Island offers unique holidays at any time of year. Nearly two-thirds of the island is a National Park, and the steep, mountainous landscape is home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna. Out in the Indian ocean, within a short flight of both Perth and Singapore, Christmas Island is surrounded by a coral reef, brilliantly positioned for diving and deep sea fishing adventures.


Getaways for the holidays - Aruba
On the beach in Aruba – photo by Nestor Lacle

Catch the trade winds and go kitesurfing, sailing or jump on a wave-runner. Rent ATVs or mountain bikes to go exploring, or take a jeep safari for a hint of adventure. For a more relaxed vibe during the holidays hike Arikok National Park or simply enjoy the sun and sand of its gorgeous beaches.

St. Thomas

Getaways for the holidays - St Thomas
Magens Bay, St. Thomas – photo by Connie Serratt

Swing by Magens Bay and enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, or hike through several different ecosystems on the short but impressive Discovery Nature Trail amid a 319-acre nature preserve.


getaways for the holidays -Barbados
Barbados harbour – photo by Gary Posner

A rum-based beverage can help get you into the island spirit, but may not be required once you’ve spent some time with the locals, whose relaxed attitude is bound to rub off. Feel festive as you feast on freshly caught seafood at an outdoor cafe while enjoying the lively music of a Tuk band.


Getaways for the holidays - Boracay
Boracay – photo by Jepster

Take your pick from among Boracay Island’s ten awesome beaches where you can relax and frolic, party the night away, and enjoy the astounding blue sea with some kiteboarding lessons, scuba diving, surfing, or skimboarding.


getaways for the holidays - St. Barts
St. Barts – photo by James temple

Persuade your sugar daddy or sugar mama to take you on a shopping spree in sunny and luxurious St. Barts. Indulge in a celebratory meal at one of the island’s vast array of fine dining restaurants, or have a quiet celebration for two at your posh hotel.

With this list as inspiration, it may be time to consider establishing some new, warmer traditions for the holidays.

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