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FlightNetwork.com’s Body Language Guru Offers Non-Verbal Travel Tips and Tricks 

Toronto, ON – April 15, 2013 – Ever wonder why the first class cabin is empty on your flight after you tried to charm your way into a seat upgrade?  Chances are your mouth said “yes” but your body said “no.” According to international body language expert and author Mark Bowden of TruthPlane Inc., the true language of upgrades has its roots in the non-verbal communication style of cavemen.

Basic body language would have worked well when primitive man needed to organize a hunt, light a fire or warn the tribe against danger, but in 2013 it can be surprisingly relevant and useful when ‘angling’ for a travel upgrade.According to Bowden, it all begins with a simple smile:

“It’s generally shown across the planet that open body language and a smile will create an unconscious reaction in the recipient to want to give back to you — be it an upgrade, a better seat, or a free drink,” said Bowden.

The following genial gestures are a useful sampling of secret weapons that travellers can deploy when meeting someone in a position to make their trip more enjoyable. In video and photographs posted at FlightNetwork.com, Bowden gives visual demonstrations of

‘Neanderthalic’ nuances specifically geared to help travellers garner upgrades.

  • The Paleolithic Pal: Comes in handy when meeting upgrade gatekeepers. By opening your arms in a welcoming way, you show others you mean no harm.  A smile is a great addition.
  • The Lizard Lift: Sometimes less is more. By slightly raising your eyebrows you will be perceived as an approachable person.  Try this while pleasantly saying to the flight attendant, “Hey, do I see an empty seat in first class?”  Friendliness always wins courtesy in return – if not a better seat.
  • The Cro-Magnon Crinkle: A smile is perceived as fake unless you show the wrinkles around your eyes, says Mark.  Display the Cro-Magnon Crinkle and people will know your intentions are genuine, even if your intention is to get an extra bag of pretzels.

Bowden adds that if a person’s demeanour appears angry, no amount of polite pleading will earn positive perks.

“Flight attendants and staff behind the counter are frequently ignored and treated poorly,” said Allison Eberle, Vice President of Operations for FlightNetwork.com, “They’re actually the people with power, and Mark shows that if we treat them well, we’ll likely get good treatment in return.”

Bowden also notes that the way one dresses for travel influences others. When travelling abroad he deploys the “Natty Neanderthal:” the tactic of creating a varied look, allowing the traveller to be identified/welcomed by various “tribes.”

“When watching the video at FlightNetwork.com, take note of my appearance.  Someone might relate to my longer hair. Another person could respond to my suit. A person with a sense of humour could enjoy my red socks,” added Bowden.  “When in doubt, just buy the local t-shirt.  You’ll make instant friends.”

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Open Wide and Say “Aaah think you’re doing a great job.”

When meeting the upgrade “gatekeepers” (e.g. agent at the check-in desk or gate, or the flight attendant) the Paleolithic Pal comes in handy.  By opening your arms in a welcoming way, you show others you mean no harm.  The smile is a great addition.



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Do the Tribal Dance – Make Yourself Appealing to Anyone You Meet

Mark says if you can associate with other people’s “tribes,” they’ll want to cooperate with you.  By creating a varied look (Natty Neanderthal)that includes aspects of different tribes’ looks (e.g. arm tatoo and a short-sleeve button down shirt with khakis) you’ll be welcomed by different groups:  Red socks indicate a sense of humour, a suit denotes professionalism, long hair means you’re a bit rebellious.  Find your travel look – without appearing to wear a costume!



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An Inquisitive Look Can Get You Perks

By slightly raising your eyebrows (the Lizard Lift), you will be viewed as an approachable person.  It translates across all cultures as a facial expression showing recognition.  Try pleasantly saying to the flight attendant, “Hey, do I see beer back there?”  Friendliness always wins courtesy in return (the concept of “reciprocity,” according to Mark) – if not a free drink.



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Anger Gets You Nowhere

This one’s a big “don’t”:  No matter how upset you are about a flight delay, avoid aggressive stances and unpleasant expressions like The Fossil Face.  Even if you say kind words, leaning forward will irritate the person behind the desk.



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A Fake Smile Will Make You Seem Dishonest

A smile is perceived as fake unless you show the wrinkles around your eyes, says Mark.  A smile without wrinkles might even seem predatorial!  Improve your smile with the Cro-Magnon Crinkle and people will know your intentions are genuine.


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