The Art of Brunch in Melbourne



Melburnians take this leisurely weekend feast very seriously – and the brunch offerings in the city are worth getting up for.


Brunch is an inherently whimsical and indulgent meal, meant for sleepy Sundays after big crazy nights out (or lazy nights in). It should be shared with friends, lingering over multiple pots of tea or cups of coffee and catching up on stories and gossip. Done right, a good brunch will wake you up, put some bounce in your step and keep you going until dinnertime. It may just be the best meal of the day

Here in Melbourne a number of local cafes have elevated brunch to an art form, with high quality coffee, artfully crafted bloody mary cocktails, organic sourdough bread with smashed avocado and poached egg and all manner of other delicious treats. As Carly writes on her blog Australian Adaptation, brunch in Melbourne will ruin you for brunch anywhere else in victoria.


There’s something for everyone here. For the perky morning person who has already run 5k and written in their gratitude journal by 8:30am, there are Instagram-worthy super-food stacks of quinoa, kale, goji berries and pomegranate on whole wheat toast. For the half-human hungover partier, with a spaced out stare and last night’s eyeliner smeared around his or her eyes, there are comforting plates of bacon, sausage and fried eggs.

Plus, Melbourne brunch chefs like to get creative and mix in some international flair with their dishes. Anything Korean related is hot right now, so you might see fried eggs on crispy Korean rice cakes or sour kim chi as a topping. I’ve also seen Arabic-inspired foods on Melbourne brunch menus, such as tabbouleh and shakshuka. The typical Melbourne brunch-goer doesn’t just want plain eggs, bacon and toast – they want to try something creative that they have never had before.

Just to warn you – you’ll probably be asked for your drink order before you even get a chance to open the menu. It is assumed that you know your coffee order and that you want it on its way to your table as quickly as possible.


If you are new to Australia, ordering coffee might confuse you. I know I was baffled when the first waitress starting talking about flat whites, long blacks and short blacks. Here is a great post that defines the Australian coffee terms, so that you can translate your coffee order into Aussie and be ready to request it as soon as you sit down.

Check Out These Melbourne Brunch Spots


Ready to sample the high quality brunches Melbourne has to offer? Here are a few of the best places start your day with a delicious feast.

  • Ray’s Cafe – Tucked away in Brunswick, a street-art-clad hipster heaven, Ray’s has a laid back vibe with communal tables and a menu with interesting Middle Eastern influences such as labneh and haloumi.
  • The Galleon Cafe – A down to earth and welcoming spot in St. Kilda, it has a quirky retro feeling due to the mix and match furniture. They are known for their superb poached eggs and avocado on toast.
  • Miss Marmalade – Delicious food, cozy ambiance and outdoor seating on a quiet Brunswick street – this is a lovely place to linger over brunch.
  • Krimper – Hidden down an alleyway in the heart of downtown Melbourne, you’ll find this trendy cafe in an old warehouse, with a delicious menu featuring unique ingredients such as cured trout with cauliflower croquette and almond crusted french toast with white chocolate ganache. Yum.


These are just a few of the best places in Melbourne, but there are so many more to discover that you will want to eat brunch all day long. I’m not going to stop you!


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