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Indulging in the local culture while you’re on vacation is a given. In Calgary, part of that indulgence is drinking some of the amazing craft beer that this city can’t stop producing. Some of them even happen to be restaurants, so you can grab a bite to eat and do your fair share of beer tasting while you visit Calgary. Whether it’s in the middle of winter or on the hottest day of summer, you’re guaranteed to have a good time visiting any of these places in Canada.

Wild Rose Brewery

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These beer brewers are well known in Calgary, and can almost qualify as no longer craft beer. Everywhere you go in Alberta, you can basically find a pack of Wild Rose. Their tap room is located across from Mount Royal University, making it a favorite for students to frequent after classes. Their beers are well known locally, including their wheat ale, Velvet Fog and their lager, Electric Avenue, named what Calgary’s 11th Avenue used to be called.

Last Best Brewing and Distilling

Speaking of Electric Avenue, you can find this brewery located on 11th Avenue, among some of Calgary’s most well known pubs and nightlife hotspots. Like many craft breweries, it’s integrated in a pub in the heart of a popular area of the city. Patrons come in for some food and leave with a good idea about Last Best’s delicious beer selection. From their Show Pony Pale Ale to their Dirty Bird Black Lager, they have something for both new and seasoned beer drinkers. Don’t be fooled by the pub setting, because their food is anything but typical. Indulge in some great food and even better brews.

Tool Shed Brewing

Photo courtesy of Tool Shed Brewing Company.
Photo courtesy of Tool Shed Brewing Company.

Tool Shed is one of the few breweries on the list that don’t double as a restaurant, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find them in a number of local Calgary pubs. Their focus is ale, making only three beers – IPA Star Cheek, red ale Red Rage, and cream ale People Skills. They’re small but mighty, and Calgary has certainly taken to the brewery. You can enjoy a pint at local spots like National and Craft Beer Market, to name a few, or pick up a six pack from the closest liquor store.

Trolley 5 Restaurant & Brewery

This brewery is the new kid on the block, opening nearly a year ago. That doesn’t mean their beer isn’t some of the best brew in the city, including the easy to sip First Crush White IPA and their Hey Porter, for those who like a darker beer. Walk into this pub and you can immediately tell it doubles as a brewery. The huge tanks placed around the venue and the growler jugs hanging from the ceiling give you a hint that this place can brew.

Village Brewery

Village is another well known Calgary-founded brewery, one that doesn’t have a restaurant in its facility, but can be found at almost any Calgary liquor-licensed location. Their selection includes some easy drinking with Village Blonde and Village Squeeze, a fruity beer that will entice just about anyone to drink a can, even the most reluctant of drinkers. Village is also a popular choice to sell at events around the city, so you can be sure to find this throughout the city all summer if that’s when you decide to visit.

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If you’re at a loss and you’re still confused about what craft beer to try on your visit to Calgary, just head into any pub or restaurant and ask your server to suggest some local beers for you. Almost any venue will have some on tap, from a familiar chain to the best hidden spot in the city.


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