The Best Ways To Save Money On Every Trip Abroad



A little goes a long way when it comes to planning out your finances right before a trip. Lax financial planning can lead to hefty currency exchange fees and trouble accessing your money abroad. The good news is that you can avoid these financial faux pas by simply planning ahead. Here are two easy ways to save money on every trip abroad before heading out the door.

Exchange Currency At Home

Before a trip abroad, look up the destination’s currency. In addition to bringing your debit card or credit card, head to your local bank and exchange your currency at a favorable rate. Plan to exchange your currency two weeks before your trip to avoid delays.

Rule of thumb, carry at least $200 CAD equivalent. Carrying cash is great for tips, cash-only establishments, and unexpected emergencies.

Also, download a mobile currency converter app like Oanda for easy access to more than 190 currencies. Using a currency converter is an easy way to approximate how much your bank or credit card company is going to charge.


Purchase Tickets Online To Save

Save money on activities and attractions by purchasing tickets before your trip. While planning out your itinerary, check to see if there are any discount offers when booking online. You’ll be surprised by how many establishments offer anywhere between 5%-20% off by simply booking through their website.

For more savings, do a quick search for promo codes. Don’t forget to check Facebook and Twitter for special promotions.


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