The Blue Mountains

A captivating 3,861 square miles of towering eucalyptus trees, sandstone cliffs, and native bushland are waiting to be explored in Australia’s Blue Mountains. Because of its intricate beauty, the best way to journey through this land is on foot. Your life-changing 7-day hike starts in Mount Victoria, where you can spend the day in a historical pub or an art gallery before saying goodbye to modern civilization. A few highlights of the trek include the secret grotto and rhododendron gardens at Mount Piddington, the cascading Bridal Veil Falls and Pulpit Rock lookout at Popes Glen, and the curious rock formation of Ruined Castle in the Jamison Valley.

Aboriginal legend is mixed into your trip when you lay eyes on Three Sisters, a massive trilogy of rocky peaks that are said to have been three sisters that were turned to stone. To reach the Three Sisters you’ll need to ascend Giant Stairway. Once your well-worked legs have descended the stairs you get to spend the night in the quaint village of Leura. Your last walk in the Blue Mountains will be National Pass walk, which leads into a mystical rainforest gorge.

Getting there

The closest major airport to Mount Victoria is Sydney Airport, which can be accessed through numerous international hubs. Fly nonstop into Sydney from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Vancouver, or Honolulu. If you’re leaving from Europe, you can fly from London, Paris, Manchester, or Amsterdam, with only one connecting flight. From Sydney, you can reach Mount Victoria by taking a 2.5-hour train ride from Sydney’s Central Station, or rent a car and follow the M4 highway.