The Death Road of Bolivia

Featuring cross markings where many have fallen, the Death Road of Bolivia attracts thrill-seeking cyclists from around the globe each year. A road surrounded by mountainous terrain and terrifying cliffs connecting Bolivia to the capital city, guides lead bikers on the journey with a 4,650-metre ascent from La Paz to La Cumbe Pass. Crossing snow-covered mountain peaks, villages, and wildlife like alpacas and llamas, cyclists reaching the top must shift to a treacherous descent of 1,100 metres on a slim, dirt road to wheel into the lush jungle of the Amazon below.

Cyclists ride through the spray of nearby waterfalls before reaching the bottom in Yolosa. Outside of Yolosa, riders rest at La Senda Verde Animal Refuge to eat and take a swim in the pool. And, if you still have energy to expend, try Bolivia’s exhilarating zip line, Zzip the Flying Fox, before heading back to La Paz.

Getting there

Arrive in La Paz by flying into El Alto International Airport in  Bolivia with direct flights to many of the world’s major cities be it Toronto, New York or Miami via popular airlines including Caribbean Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada. You can also arrive in Bolivia through CuscoPeru and Arica,Chile.

Just 25 minutes from the center of La Paz, an airport taxi will get you to the city center where you can coordinate with your bike tour company. Minibuses and GoTransTur buses take travelers into La Paz. Minibuses travel to Avenida 16 de Julio, La Paz’s main street and Plaza Isabel La Catolica where several hotels and inns are located.