The Raja Ampat Archipelago

Sail through one of the most mystical and mesmerizing regions in Indonesia, the Raja Ampat Archipelago, an astonishing collection of 600 islands. These isles remain largely untouched by the modern world and feature vibrant jungles, satiny white beaches, blue waters with almost endless visibility, and a rich tapestry of Indonesian culture. Climb aboard your boutique ship in Sorong and sail to Kri Island where you can start your vacation off right with a snorkel atop the rainbow of coral reefs and gentle stroll along the immaculate beach.

Become one with the jungle during a hike on Gam Island, home to the famous Red Bird-of-paradise, before sailing to the Wayag Islands and exploring caves, lagoons, and narrow inlets. Mix with the locals in Deer, located on Kofiau Island, and exotic wildlife in Boo Kecil lagoon, then indulge in the gorgeous landscapes of forests and rolling hills on Misool. Take advantage of your relaxing transportation as you cruise by the alluring shores of the Farondi Islands, then say yes to more snorkeling and beach-chilling on the Kalig and Fiabacet Islands. Finish your trip with the colorful marine life on Kepulauan Penyu, and friendly locals on Markhesa Bay.

Getting there

Ready for a cruise in paradise? First, you’ll need to get to Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. From North America you can get a flight, with only one stop, from Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, and Toronto. European travellers can get a nonstop flight from Amsterdam, and a flight with one connection from London, Istanbul, and Frankfurt. From Jakarta, catch the daily nonstop flight to Domine Eduard Osok Airport in Sorong.