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Photo credit: Jenn
Photo credit: Jenn

Every avid traveler has a few space-saving tricks up his sleeve. But not all of those tricks involve stuffing more clothing into a single piece of carry-on luggage. The Mophie Spacestation is an advanced storage device, offering universal power to nearly any USB device. The best of both worlds, this product can store all of your entertainment and charge your devices, so you can access it at anytime from anywhere.

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The Details

The Mophie Spacestation offers up to 64GB of external storage, so you can load it with more than 28 hours of travel videos, 32,000 photos or 18,000 songs that will be at your fingertips, whether you’re on the road, at the resort, or anywhere in between. The 6,000mAh battery capacity makes the slim and stylish Mophie Spacestation a power pack you’ll want to take on every adventure. Whether you prefer traveling with TV shows, movies, music or simply having a place to empty your smartphone when it’s completely full, the Mophie Spacestation will relieve your travel stress in more ways than one.

Stay Connected

One of the biggest perks of the Mophie Spacestation is that you can manage content between all of your devices while on the go. Connect the Spacestation to your devices via USB and share files from the Spacestation to your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Keep all of your files and entertainment in one place, and you’ll never get that unsettling feeling that you left something behind again.

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