The Wild Atlantic Way

Cruising along the Wild Atlantic Way on Ireland’s western coast harmoniously connects rugged landscapes with unique people, many of who still speak Irish Gaelic. Skirting around the coastline, expansive views and traditional villages captivate drivers along the route from the Northern Headlands down to the Havan Coast.

Home to some of the highest cliffs in Europe, Donegal Town in the Northern Headlands features 11 lighthouses to count along the drive. The road opens up as you steer toward the Surf Coast and the wildness of the seaboard captivates with red-gold beaches. Continue driving south and wind toward the Bay Coast to discover crystal coves and islands perfect for swimming, kayaking, and kiteboarding. Ride to Cliff Coast and immerse yourself Ireland’s music capital, spending the day listening to live bands in local pubs. Drive toward the magnificent Southern Peninsulas and explore grand capes with towering spines extending far out in the ocean before stopping for an overnight stay on the Haven Coast to dine on artisan fare.

Getting there

Choose a small but sturdy rental vehicle when arriving at the airport in Ireland. All of the major airports in the country whether it be Dublin, Shannon or Cork will get you close to the Wild Atlantic Way but the closest is Shannon Airport with accessible road links to a number of countries along the Wild Atlantic Way and is less than an hour from the Cliffs of Moher. For drivers who decide to start their tour of the Wild Atlantic Way at its southernmost point, Cork Airport is just a 20m trip. Whether you are flying from London, Manchester or Edinburgh in UK or from Europe, Australia,or  North America you will be thrilled to experience a sensational journey of soaring cliffs and buzzing towns and cities by travelling to Ireland.