3 Travel Books That Will Inspire You


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By Gillian Duffy

With so many places to visit in the world, how on earth do you choose? I read travel books. A lot of travel books. When contemplating where to go I  gravitate toward travelogue books so I can read about the exploits of others as they challenge themselves in the places I dream about.

Here are three, from different parts of the world, that have inspired me.

Beneath the Lanterns Glow book

Beneath the Lanterns Glow

Over the course of six weeks Candace visited seven Asian countries. As she toured through Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand she created beautiful sketches of the things she saw.

Annotated with notes on the drawings themselves, and accompanied by small stories detailing her travels in the region and the people she met, Beneath The Lanterns Glow is a travel book that transcends simple travel writing.  It is a book that so simply, and elegantly, represents this region of the world.

Asia is often seen as a dichotomy; frenetic and fast paced while, at the same time, being calming and reflective. Candace’s book offers a view into the quiet and beautiful side of the region and quite simply makes it impossible to not want to buy a ticket immediately!

Baguettes and Bicycles book

Baguettes and Bicycles: A Cycling Adventure Across France

I have been feeling the need to do an epic, physical, endeavour this year. Cycling through a country has appealed to me for a while. I love the idea of really slowing down travel, seeing every little thing, not just watching it pass by the bus window.

Baguettes and Bicycles follows Steven Herrick and he cycles — and eats — his way across France. I can only imagine that the iconic French countryside would compete head to head with the amazing meals he enjoys along the way and that every flat tire is soothed with a fabulous glass of French Chardonnay.

Sign me up.

Now all I need is a bike!

Sahara book


Michael Palin is  a gifted traveller; appearing at ease and curious about all he encounters. I love his style of reporting and writing. He gives historical, and cultural reference through his telling of small stories and connects them all in a way that shows the bigger picture.

I love deserts and hope — one day — to see the Sahara for myself. In the mean time I will read about it and imagine what it will be like. Palin makes it easy.


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