Top 10 Travel Resolutions For 2016


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Resolutions for 2016 

2016 is now upon us. Time for a new year, and new resolutions. With traveling becoming cheaper and more accessible, make this the year where travelling is your resolution.

Here are 10 travelling resolutions for 2016.



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1. Learn something new

Whenever you travel, try to learn at least one new thing. Take a one day class on something unique to that region, or something you’ve always wanted to do. It could range from arts, a tour, new language, or a specific activity. Create a personal connection and immerse yourself into the local culture. Travelling is about venturing to a place away from home. Be able to bring something back other than photos.


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2. Pay For Quality

Everyone should always save money where they can, but often you get what you pay for. Make sure you pay the right amount for a product or service, especially when travelling. Those $30 CAD per night hostels may look appealing at first glance, but upon arriving you may realize the room is nothing like the pictures. Pay the right amount for a quality tour guide. Give those extra 10-20 dollars for a much more comfortable bus or flight experience. Buy reliable clothing and equipment, you want these things to last. Ultimately, this will all culminate to an awesome travelling experience.


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3. Use Your Vacation Days

As the title says, use those days and go on a vacation. Don’t let these days go to waste and reward yourself with that much needed break. If you plan these well you’ll soon find yourself leaving for that dream vacation that you thought was impossible.


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4. Leave Your Comfort Zone

Break out of your comfort zone, and go to places you would normally never go. Try doing activities you would never normally do. During your trip, try eating new exotic foods. Talk to locals and strangers. Take a trip somewhere you know nothing about. Some of the most memorable experiences are ones you never expected to have.


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5. Start a Vacation Fund

Start putting aside a little bit of money each week and begin saving for that long awaited trip. Not only is it good practice for your finances, but you will also have fun physically seeing your goal blossoming into fruition. Eventually one day, you will realize that you have those funds you deemed impossible.

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6. Go Solo

Although travelling alone may be scary to most, it also gives you the opportunity to meet new people, and experience things differently. Get to know your tour guide, talk to the concierge, even party with some locals at the bar. Learn where the local favourites are, find out what’s hot and what’s not. You’ll quickly learn that travelling alone can bring an entirely new experience as compared to when travelling with others. You’ll be able move at your own pace and learn more about yourself.


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7. Seize Opportunities

“Seize the day”. Be more spontaneous, be more impulsive. Don’t be reckless, but don’t restrict yourself from making any choices due to second thoughts. If an opportunity to travel shows up, take it. Go to that bar, talk to that person, take those dancing classes. This is your year, don’t have any regrets.


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8. Change Your Travel Style

Travelling again gives you the opportunity to start afresh. If you’ve always been a frugal traveller, enjoy yourself a bit more this time around. Spend a bit more, indulge yourself in luxuries you normally wouldn’t pay for. On the other hand, if you’ve always been more of a luxurious traveller, attempt a more conservative mindset this time around. Break out from your usual patterns. Go hiking or sightseeing if you’ve always been more of an urban tourist. Be a bit more wild if you are normally a museum-centric  traveller.  



9. Less Social Media, More Experiencing

In this day and age, people are so focused on showing other people their trip, they don’t stop to experience it themselves. Lose the social media on your next trip. Take the occasional tourist photo, but actually settle down and process what it is you are experiencing. Ask yourself, what is the significance of that building? Who was here? What happened here? etc. See less and experience more. Don’t be so preoccupied with seeing as many things as possible. Select some key spots and thoroughly peruse them. When you are travelling, you should be doing it for no one other than yourself.


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10. Ultimately… Just Travel

No buts and excuses, just get out there and travel. We always think that travelling is so difficult, when the truth is, we don’t put in the effort required. Travel in any portion available, you can even travel during the weekends.  Travelling is not only limited to large scale events, they can even be simple road trips. Plan a trip with some vacation days during a long weekend and take a quick flight somewhere nice. There are always cheap flights to take somewhere nearby. This year your most important resolution should simply be, to travel.


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