Top 7 Most Stunning Café’s in Montreal



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I’ve become a kind of café connoisseur. My love of London Fogs and creative study spots has lead me to the most delicious, picture-perfect atmospheres around the city! Check out the best places to brunch, study, grab a mimosa or run by for an amazing morning jolt.

Tommy Café


Tommy boasts historic architecture, opulent aesthetic and tonnes of greenery. This café is filled with mirrors and multi-levelled seating, giving you an amazing view of Old Port Montreal. Tommy is the best place to grab a coffee, a cookie and a mimosa to start your day.

Crew Collective & Café


This café opened recently with a lot of buzz. It is a historic bank in Old Port transformed into a spacious coffee spot, boasting stunning architecture and an amazing latte. One of the best places to grab a jolt and look around!

Café Chat l’Heureux


This is the first cat café to come to North America! It has amazing food (their sandwiches and salads are all to die for) and the cats are adorable! Come check out their intricate set up, look up adoption options or even just grab a tea and chill on the couch! If you are a cat lover, this is a must-be-at event.

Pikolo Espresso Bar


This is the best-kept secret in the McGill Ghetto. Surrounded by other more noticeable chains like Starbucks, Tim Hortons and Second Cup, it’s easy to miss the classic, creative Montreal coffee shop. This multi-levelled hangout is beside a lovely stationary stop for the student that wants to study in style.

Café Myriad


This café has a wide selection of gourmet coffee for the artisanal morning jolt. They are famous for their brews and intimate seating. Check out this famous nook nestled right near Westmount.

Café Parvis


Amazing food. This café is the perfect brunch and coffee spot. There are marble accents, hanging plants and massive windows. It’s an Instagram picture come to life.

Café Plume


Located near Parc Mont Royal, this café has spacious seating and an amazing art scene. The adorable interior is filled with exposed brick and local art, for the worker that wants a little creativity with their coffee.


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