Top 8 Places to Be Outside in Montreal’s Warmer Weather



By Deanna Duxbury

Now that the snow is gone for good, Montrealer’s are shedding their layers and taking to the streets! Everyone is awaiting festival season, when the city lights up with performers and music, but there are so many wonderful day-activates just waiting to be explored around the city.

Here are some of my favorite spots to frequent in the warmer weather when you want to relax, take a walk and soak up some sun.

Montreal Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens

MTL Blog @ DYB

One of the most underrated experiences in Montreal is the vast Botanical Gardens! A walk through the gardens makes for a wonderful daytime activity as well as an enchanting evening stroll (hint: the lights are spectacular). Even better, access to the Botanical Gardens and Insectarium is free of charge on Friday May 26 in honour of the Great Gardening Weekend!

Old Port

Old Port

Montreal in Pictures

It’s a classic. The architecture, outdoor shops, open patios and street performers make this walk by the water a day event! Grab your sunglasses and tour through the most romantic part of Montreal! (Hint: there are tons of activities such as zip lining and kayaking!)

Tam Tams

Tam Tams

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A time-honored tradition at Mont Royal Park! Enjoy a sunny Sunday afternoon with an eccentric and artistic crowd. Dance, relax or just soak up the summer vibe.

Atwater Market

Atwater Market

Guide Habitation

Grab your purse and join the hustle and bustle of the market place! Grab some fresh food and taste some delicious samples as you casually shop for your weekly groceries.

Musical Swings (Place Des Arts)


Tourisme Montreal

They’re back! Head down to the spacious Place Des Arts and enjoy these swings before the cold comes back! It’s a must-do for the penniless wanderer that wants to experience some simple fun in Montreal’s good weather!

Parc La Fontaine

Parc LF


Grab an ice-cream cone from La Diperie (a notable Instagram worthy spot) on the way there or even a gourmet poutine from La Banquise around the corner! This park is a fabulous walk and chill activity for the warmer weather

La Ronde

La Ronde

Montreal Party Weekends

Want a thrill? Check out Montreal’s legendary theme park! Take a metro over to the roller coasters, cotton candy and crazy rides. It’s the best way to spend a sunny day!

Street Art

Street Art


It’s everywhere and just waiting to be appreciated now that the snow’s cleared out! Grab your camera and take a stroll around the city to spot some of the most spectacular street murals in Canada! (Hint: rue St. Laurent is the place to be when looking for some amazing pieces)


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