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The UK has been home to some of the biggest names in music. The Beatles, Elton John, Queen. They’ve all come from across the pond. Due to its musical history, it’s no surprise that the UK has an insane amount of music festivals every year to keep music-lovers entertained. How can you not love events where you’re sure to make some amazing memories, meet some great people, and hear some of the best, new, and upcoming artists? And you’ll get to travel around the UK while you’re at it! Even better, right? To narrow down the giant list of options available, I’ve put together a list of awesome festivals so that you can find the one (or two, or nine) that speak to you! #yourewelcome



1. 2000TREES


Picture Credits: 2000TREES

Where: Cheltenham, Gloucester
When: July
Cost: £60 (single ticket), £125 (full weekend)

I have such a soft spot for anything that’s independently run in today’s corporate world. The 2000TREES festival is such a cool experience because it’s 3 days of music, camping, and just connecting. It’s been called one of the friendliest music festivals, so no worries if your squad is busy because you can just join a new one here! Additionally, the organizers are true to their name and are big supporters of reducing waste and recycling. All food and drink are also locally sourced, so you know where your money is going. AND if you buy a Frankwater wristband, you can get unlimited water refills the entire weekend with the money going to good causes. How dope is that?



2. Supersonic Festival


Supersonic Festival
Picture Credits: Supersonic Festival

Where: Birmingham
When: July
Cost: £40 (single ticket), £120 (full ticket)

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind festival, look no further than the Supersonic Festival. Named the UK’s premier experimental music festival, this event is packed with live performances and visual arts. They highly encourage those of us in the audience to get involved. And this encouragement allows the audience at Supersonic and the extraordinary artists to gather as one big community in a celebration of the experimental arts that no one will forget. In addition to this multifaceted festival, Supersonic allows kids get their own events throughout the year at their very own Kids Gig in hopes of inspiring a love of music for children early on. So be sure to check their website for that too if you’re a family that loves the fest scene and would like to bring the little ones along!



3. elrow Town London


elrow Town London
Picture Credits: elrow Town London

Where: London
When: August
Cost: £39.50 (single ticket), £65 (full ticket)

This festival is young, but they already know how to throw quite the party. Not only do you get music at elrow Town, but you get entertainment too. There are themed stages, over 50 DJs, games and activities, acts (like stilt walkers), and confetti. Tons of confetti. Confetti for days. Plus, this past year they featured a pink limo. Which is pretty cool. Taking place in Trent Park, you get a woodland experience (just outside of bustling London) fused with music from the people at elrow Town who want you to harness your inner child for a day. And your inner child will be so happy to come out and play.



4. Rewind Festival


Rewind Festival Picture Credits: Rewind Festival

Where: Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire
When: August
Cost: £82 (single ticket), or £135 (weekend ticket)

Whether you’re camping with your family or friends, the Rewind Festival brings much more than music to the scene. There’s comedy, family activities, talent shows, film showings, a yacht cruise, a fair, and a silent disco. And that’s just a few of the activities they offer in addition to the epic performers featured in some of the themed venues! What doesn’t this festival have? I mean, they even include a big breakfast party. So the tickets are well worth the price because it’s like the most insane brunch you’ve ever been to. This is one awesome weekend plan for you and your friends or family.



5. Strawberries & Creem Festival


Strawberries & Creem Festival
Picture Credits: Strawberries & Creem Festival

Where: Cambridge
When: June
Cost: £45

One of the biggest music events in Cambridge since it first started in 2014, the Strawberries & Creem festival brings all the biggest names in genres like Hip-Hop, R&B, Garage, and Bass music (to name just a few). And they’ve had some big names over the years, including artists like T-Pain, Shaggy, Sean Kingston, and Skepta. Basically, middle school me squeals with delight at their lineups. And each year they aim to make their garden party bigger than the last. There’s a little something for everyone found on the three main stages of this festival and you won’t regret going.



6. Humber Street Sesh Festival


Humber Street Sesh Festival
Picture Credits: Humber Street Sesh Festival

Where: Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire
When: August
Cost: £15 (single ticket), £25 (weekend ticket)

Located on the marina in the northeast of England, this festival is a must for any new music lover (hello hipsters, I’m talking to you). The concept behind the Humber Street Sesh Festival is to expose new and upcoming artists from across the UK, featuring plenty of local performers as well. Artists like The Hunna, Yonaka, and The Blinders are just some of who you can see on their 14 stages (that’s right, FOURTEEN), so there is no way you won’t find something that speaks to you. There’s also plenty of art, photography, and markets with awesome festival food. Plus, children under 12 can enter for free! I’ll be honest, they got me with the acceptance of dogs.



7. Soultown Festival


Soultown Festival
Picture Credits: Soultown Festival

Where: Beckenham, Kent
When: Beginning of September
Cost: £37.50 (single ticket)

This festival is still pretty new, but it’s certainly making some waves in the festival scene. Soultown Festival lives up to its name and features amazing soul and mowtown artists on its stages. Even if you’re not into soul or mowtown, it’s still worth checking out since they also feature some killer DJs. Plus they have a garden party. All in all, if you’re in London during this time, it’d be no problem at all for you to visit the palace on a free-walking tour before bopping over to hear some great tunes!



8. Docklands Festival


Docklands Festival
Picture Credits: Docklands Festival

Where: Southampton, Sussex
When: September
Cost: £30

The Docklands Festival in Southampton may also be newer to the scene, but it’s certainly worth checking out. There are 3 different stages here for some of the best DJs and artists to keep you entertained. This is a must for any House, Tech, and Bass lover. In addition to music, this festival takes place in the gorgeous location of Hoglands Park and is partnered up with local eateries. That means food stalls with some good, local food. Honestly, what more could you want?


9. Youth Beatz


Youth Beatz
Picture Credits: Youth Beatz

Where: Dumfries, Scotland
When: June
Cost: FREE

I don’t care what you say, but nothing is better than a free music festival. So therefore, Youth Beatz music festival is top notch in my book. The really cool thing about this event is that they not only feature local and established performers, but they feature this thing called Youth Beat Fringe which is 7 days of community led activities aimed towards young people. Some of these activities include roller discos and Youth Parent Days. And they have The Toon, which is a cool interactive drama production addressing key issues facing today’s youth. It’s kind of refreshing to see events like this that make discussions of such issues open, and also creates a cool sense of community and bonding over shared experiences and the arts.


So there you have it folks! These are some of the best music festivals in the UK. And as you’ve seen, they feature way more than just music. Grab your tickets, make your group chats, pack your bags, and get ready for an experience to remember for many years to come!




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