Toronto Gas Price Dropped by 50 Cents Today


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All the buzz that’s been generated by the introduction of Price Drop Protection on flights has us thinking about how great it would be if other things in life were covered by Price Drop Protection.

I recently came across the receipt for my first digital camera, which cost an astounding $900 and only had 2 megapixels. Ouch! Nowadays a camera with those features goes for less than $50.  Man, if only I  could receive the difference like, I would get discount for my airline ticket.

Gasoline is another product whose price often has consumers wringing their hands. The price goes up, then it goes down, then it creeps up again. Invariably the price drops the day after you just filled up. How cool would it be if Price Drop Protection applied to gas? Our lives would be much simpler. Guess what? Today it does!

You heard me. Today is the day to fill up in Toronto, unless you like paying full price.

We’re offering a whopping 50 cents/litre off the price of  gas heading into the long weekend. It’s happening right now at 933 Warden Ave. (at Eglinton E.) Here’s the skinny on this money-saving Flight Network promotion.  There are also fun giveaways happening on-site.  Get there before the gas runs out!

Flight Network performs a random act of Price Drop Protection with cheap gas in Toronto

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