8 Best Things to Do in Mumbai for the Indecisive Traveller


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So you’re in Mumbai, and your options are endless. Do you book a tour? If so, which one? Do you check out a museum? Where to start? Questions like these can really put a damper on the mood when all you’re trying to do is plan the best vacation ever. And for those of you who are super indecisive, this can be a really stressful thing. But no worries! We put together a list of the best things to do in this bustling city that always offer a variety of options.



1. Mumbai Magic


Picture Credits: Mumbai Magic 


For those of you who aren’t quite sure what to do in Mumbai because the options are endless, check out Mumbai Magic Tours of India. They have all types of tours organized from their Mumbai Local Tour (by far their most popular) that lets you tour the city navigating public transport, to the Chor Tour, and even tours by boat and car. The great thing about their tours is that all of the guides are incredibly well-informed and happy to answer questions about the city and the sites. It’s always nice to know about what you’re seeing. And the guides will happily give you recommendations for places to check out after the tour! Honestly, you could probably spend your vacation doing a different tour each day with this group and you’ll see the city from a new perspective each time.



2. Volte


Picture Credits: Volte


Volte is a cool place to check out for those of you who love museums, art, or are just looking for something to do for a bit. This well-known art gallery is not only big on featuring local Indian artists (which is totally worth checking out on its own), but they also have some really cool exhibitions. Some of the reasons they’re such a big deal is because they work hard to bring impactful projects to India and partner with other venues. There’s something for everyone to enjoy from contemporary paintings to sculptures to historical art. No wonder this place has received worldwide recognition and is one of the best art galleries in India!



3. Mohammad’s Dharavi Slum Tours


Picture Credits: Mohammad’s Dharavi Slum Tours


If you go on Mohammad’s Dharavi Slum Tour, you’ll be surprised to see how they will help you redefine the word “slum” in your mind. While you tour with Mohammad, you will not only be seeing where Slum Dog Millionaire was filmed, but you’ll get to really see what residents in this city-within-a-city live like. Two-hour tours and transportation can be arranged. This tour is amazingly respectful of locals and is sure to highlight the Slum’s small businesses, factories, leather shops, and workshops. Your tour guide is a local, so he really knows the ins and outs of the Dharavi Slum. Be sure to sign up to see what he has to say about his home and help you open your mind to some new perspectives!



4. Amaze Tours


Picture Credits: Amaze Tours


While we’re on the topic of tours, Amaze Tours really lives up to their name. They hope to inspire a love of exploring in Mumbai by providing amazing guided tours. There’s a tour for everyone! From Bollywood tours to off-the-beaten-path tours, you’ll surely find something to be excited about. We recommend their Mumbai Walking Food Tour. Come hungry to hit up local street vendors and world-renowned restaurants while learning about the delicious history of the amazing dishes you try. As if this tour couldn’t get any sweeter, they end it with dessert at an 80-year-old dessert shop. Bring comfy shoes and your phone fully charged so you can ‘gram all of the amazing things you eat and make all your fellow foodie’s jealous!



5. Nehru Centre


Picture Credits: Nehru Centre


The Nehru Centre was built in memory of Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister. The hope of this amazing centre is to honour his vision and contribution to the country by continuing to make a difference in the lives of those who visit. There are so many amazing learning opportunities here. You can explore the planetarium, the Discovery of India Exposition, see some performing arts in the Culture Wing, and more! Honestly, the Nehru Centre really lets you learn a lot about the amazing country you’re visiting.



6. Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke


Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke Picture Credits: Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke


An important space for modern and contemporary Indian art, Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke has produced an exceptional quality of exhibitions while nurturing young artists. The gallery represents important names such as Gieve Patel and C.K. Rajan, and several of the most talented new artists such as Vinod Balak, Gauri Gill, Ratheesh T., P.R. Satheesh, Sosa Joseph and Tanya Goel. To add to their distinction, they have curated exhibitions at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Mumbai and the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin. Prepare to be blown away by the works that you see here.



7. Mystery Rooms


Picture Credits: Mystery Rooms


Escape rooms are a blast! And here at Mystery Rooms, they have perfected their craft of providing an amazing interactive experience. The themes at Mystery Rooms make this experience truly thrilling. They have missions like Lockout, which is based on a prison break, Cabin in the Woods, where you need to discover the secret behind some mysterious murders, and more! Something that they are great at is being upfront with the success rate and difficulty levels of their rooms. And they make the theme so real with their inclusion of details that entice all your senses. Be sure to check them out!



8. Kiddington


Picture Credits: Kiddington


For those of you with little ones visiting lovely Mumbai, we haven’t forgotten about you! Your children will love Kiddington, an amazing indoor play area where they’ll get to be kids and just play. The space is clean and very safe. And this is a great opportunity for your child to make a few new friends while you enjoy what their cafe has to offer. It will be relaxing to just watch your child navigate through their interactive play area and let their imaginations run wild. And seeing the smiles on their faces brought about by the fun they’re having will make you wish you could be a kid again. Be sure to bring some socks!




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