Travel the Glacier Express

Many would agree that the best way to experience a frosty wonderland is in the toasty comfort of a warm and luxurious setting. The Glacier Express, located in the Swiss Alps, delivers just that with its plush seats, endless windows, and decadent meals, followed by Swiss treats. Embark on the 8-hour excursion from St. Moritz, a luxurious holiday resort town that borders an aquamarine lake and is nestled in the Alpine valley region of Engadin.

From St. Moritz, you’re whisked away into the dramatic Rhine gorge, often referred to as the Swiss Grand Canyon, before moving into Andermatt where the snow-covered Oberalp Pass begins. This Pass is a rare treat that can only be accessed by train for a majority of the year. The trip culminates in Zermatt, where the famous Matterhorn can be viewed. This 4,478 metres high mountain is a peak that appears to be horn-shaped and attracts up to 3,000 climbers annually, one of which was Teddy Roosevelt in 1881.

Getting there

Zurich Airport, the largest international airport in Switzerland, is the closest airport to St. Moritz and is accessible from many international destinations. From North America, there are daily nonstop flights from New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Chicago. Direct flights from Europe include London, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, and Frankfurt. From Zurich, the most relaxing form of transport to St. Moritz is a stunning three-hour train ride.