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With the Olympic Games in London capturing the public imagination, it’s easy to get fired up and feel the urge to unleash one’s inner athlete. No matter what events you’re passionate about, and regardless of whether your performance is at an elite level or merely an enthusiastic novice, there is somewhere in the world you can go to improve your skills, have fun and be inspired to achieve greatness. Here are just a few examples:

Kenya – It’s no coincidence that Kenya has produced many of the world’s best long-distance runners and you, too, can train there. Train at the High Altitude Training Centre in Iten, where hundreds of Kenya’s best runners work out at 2,400m, and enjoy constant sunshine and abundant running trails, while you receive expert coaching. ┃Flights to Kenya

Los Angeles – Your skills in The Beautiful Game may not rival those of David Beckham, but you can still use the same dressing room that he does. The L.A. Galaxy runs a popular fantasy soccer camp for adults annually during the MLS club’s off-season. Campers train and play in the team’s stadium, benefit from professional coaching and training staff, and receive personalized jerseys and other gear that make you feel like one of the team. ┃Flights to Los Angeles

Florida – With golf coming onstream as an Olympic sport in 2016, it’s time to get cracking on polishing your game. Lots of resorts offer golf vacations, but The PGA Tour Academy at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida is one of the only facilities in the world where amateur golfers can access the high-tech training tools and techniques that the pros on the PGA Tour use. ┃Flights to Jacksonville

Australia – Some of the best sailing in the world can be found in Australia and the Gold Coast in particular is a destination many nautical enthusiasts dream of. The area boasts a great deal of sailing infrastructure and organized events abound for sailors of all levels.┃Flights to Australia

Boca Raton, FL – If tennis is your thing, then you’ll welcome the chance to train with America’s former top professional tennis player. Chris Evert operates her eponymous tennis school, Evert Academy, where players of all ages and skill levels can go to train and develop. ┃Flights to Fort Lauderdale

Mallorca, Spain – Even if topping the podium is not in the cards for you, you can feel like a champion swimmer when you train at the BEST Centre in Mallorca where they offer all kinds of swim programs, from triathlon camps, to team training, and family swim holidays.  And do you really need much of an excuse to want to go to Mallorca anyway? ┃Flights to Spain

Yukon – The canoe plays an enormous role in Canada’s heritage and we continue to produce some of the best paddlers on the planet. There are hundreds of awesome places to canoe or kayak all over the country, but for a change of scenery and an extra dose of adventure, we suggest a paddling holiday in the Yukon.┃Flights to Whitehorse

Hawaii – Holidays to Hawaii are fantastic to begin with, but triathletes have even more of a reason to go. Imagine swimming in the warm open water of the ocean, cycling mountain roads up the side of a volcano, and running in the lush highlands. Of course you’ll need time to recover from these labours, which is the perfect time to laze on the beach.┃Flights to Maui

Boston – Tap into the competitive spirit of the Harvard-Yale Boat Race and take a rowing trip in Boston. The area has been a fixture on the rowing circuit for centuries, with the Charles River at its centre, and multitudes of competitive rowers taking up residence in the area. Book a trip to Boston and participate in a regatta, attend a camp or clinic to hone your skills, or just rent some equipment and get out on the water.┃Flights to Boston

Greece – To really soak up the Olympic spirit you have to go where it all began. Die-hards can attempt the Athens Marathon, which follows in the footsteps of messenger Phidippides who ran from the battlefield at Marathon all the way to to Athens to convey the news of victory. Venture to Olympia in the west of the country and explore the site of the original Olympic Games which was rediscovered in 1766 and it is a significant archaeological site. In addition to hosting the games, it was also home to the Statue of Zeus, which was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.┃Flights to Greece

Why be a spectator when you can harness that inner Olympic spirit to become a bonafide athlete, and explore the world while you’re at it?

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