Take a Scrumptious Bite Out of Turkish Cuisine at Vanishing Tastes Festival


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Alacati street cafe

Though it may seem like you’re on a hedonistic getaway, at the Vanishing Tastes Festival your gluttony will actually serve a higher purpose — preserving the culinary heritage of the Aegean region.

Alacati bread

The inaugural Vanishing Tastes Festival will make its debut June 6-8, 2014 in Alacati, Turkey, which is an emerging gastronomic destination.

Though the festival is brimming with renowned chefs, instead of ornate constructions on the plate, or high-tech molecular gastronomy, the menu at the Vanishing Tastes Festival is down to earth, and celebrates traditional Aegean home-cooking.

Alacati street scene

Specifically, the Vanishing Tastes Festival aims to preserve the region’s culinary heritage by serving local dishes that are at risk of being forgotten and relegated to history.

Due to its location, Alacati’s cuisine is influenced by Greek, Jewish, and Levantine traditions. During the festival, traditional dishes from the Aegean region will be revived by chefs, taking advantage of local bounty.

Alacati greengrocer

Organizers are expecting many a famous name in attendance, including well-known chefs, sommeliers, and food writers from across Europe, who will descend on Alacati to partake of the incredible food and drink on offer, while participating in the revival of traditional recipes from Turkey as well as the Greek islands of Crete and Chios.

Alacati table setting

The celebratory atmosphere is bound to draw you in, but if you need a break from the eating and drinking, this part of Turkey is also known for its sandy beaches and water sports, especially windsurfing and kite-boarding.

Alacati floating sea

Despite what your mother may have warned you, you probably won’t get a cramp if you go swimming within an hour of eating. And who can resist taking a dip in seas like these?

Photos courtesy of Explore Alacati.

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